A Journey through Industrial and Applied Mathematics:
Celebrating the 80th Birthday of Ellis Cumberbatch


May 10, 2014

Claremont Graduate University
Burkle 16


Ellis Cumberbatch earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester in 1958, under the renowned Sir James Lighthill, Fellow of the Royal Society. His dissertation foretold the design of an ocean-going ship hull that would allow it to travel in excess of 230 miles per hour. Since that time, his mathematical contributions have ranged from differential equations, to fluid mechanics, to semiconductors, to industrial modeling.

Professor Cumberbatch arrived in Claremont in 1981, after holding positions at the California Institute of Technology, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Leeds University and Purdue University. With Jerry Spanier, he revitalized the graduate mathematics department, instituting an applied focus that thrives to this day. He created the Ph.D. program in Engineering and Industrial Applied Mathematics; his vision and foresight was instrumental in starting the Financial Engineering program, the Ph.D. in Computational Sciences, and the Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences. He has served as dean, department chair, and director of the Mathematics Clinic. In one way or another, almost all aspects of applied mathematics in Claremont bear his imprint.

Please join us on Saturday, May 10, as we celebrate Professor Cumberbatch's 80th birthday, and honor his innumerable contributions to applied mathematics and the Claremont mathematics community.

To register, please contact IMS Coordinator Charlotte Ballesteros.


12:45-1:00 Opening remarks and historical overview
  (Presentation file)
1:00-1:30 Jerome Spanier (UC Irvine)
  Towards Real-Time Monte Carlo for Biomedical Problems (Presentation file)
1:30-2:00 Jorge Velasco-Hernandez (UNAM)
  Some Results in the Use of Mathematical Models on Petrophysical Signals, Well-Tests and Rock Fractures (Presentation file)
2:00-2:30 Weifu Fang (Wright State University)
  Some Inverse Problems Originating from CGU Math Clinic Projects (Presentation file)
2:30-3:00 Stefan Llewellyn Smith (UC San Diego)
  Hollow Vortices (Presentation file)
3:00-3:30 BREAK
3:30-4:00 Henok Abebe (Sandia National Laboratories)
  Semiconductor Devices Modeling for IC Technology Applications (Presentation file)
4:00-4:30 Juan Cepeda-Rizo (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  A Curious Year on Mars: Long-Term Thermal Trends for Mars Science Laboratory Rover's First Martian Year (Presentation file)
4:30-5:00 Eugene Lavretsky (Boeing)
  Observer-Based Robust Flight Control with Loop Transfer Recovery and Adaptive Augmentation (Presentation file)
5:00-5:30 CGU 2013-14 Math Clinic Presentation (project with Southern California Edison)
  Topological Optimization of Reliability in Power Distribution Networks
6:30-8:30 DINNER IN HONOR OF ELLIS CUMBERBATCH (Hampton Room, Scripps College)