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2014 Fall - TNDY
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TNDY 405D 1391 1 Knowledge Management & Social Media
Knowledge management refers to the way organizations gather, manage, and use the knowledge they acquire. Topics covered include tacit and explicit knowledge, strategic use of knowledge, technologies for managing knowledge, people and cultural issues related to knowledge management, implementation of knowledge management systems, and assessment of the value of knowledge management to an organization. Knowledge is created and stored in both quantitative and qualitative forms. Social media are web-based technologies that enable creation and sharing of qualitative knowledge through dialogues between individuals who are members of organizations and communities (as well as personal relationships which are not the topic of this course). Topics covered include the mechanics of various social technologies, including blogs, wikis, and discussion boards; the range of social technologies that are available and the range of capabilities they possess; and how social technologies can be used effectively in knowledge management and can be modified to enhance their usability. A collaborative project will be a key part of the requirements of the course.