Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation

Earn a Certificate in Evaluation from a top-tier graduate university

– from anywhere in the world


Claremont Graduate University offers one of the leading certificate programs in the world for the Advanced Study of Evaluation. In intimate-scale cohorts with a very favorable student-faculty ratio, participants build and renew their knowledge and skills in the rapidly expanding field of Evaluation. Advanced methodologies for conducting evaluation and the intersection of evaluation theory and research with on-the-ground practice are covered in depth. The program culminates with a practicum experience tailored to the current practice or research interests of each student.

The program has been designed to cover five key areas of professional evaluation:

1. Reflective Practice
2. Technical Practice
3. Situational Practice
4. Management Practice
5. Interpersonal Practice

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Eminent scholars and leaders in evaluation, alumni, current students, and faculty at the Claremont Alumni Reception in Toronto, during a recent joint American Evaluation Association and Canadian Evaluation Society Conference.

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About Our Participants

Previous cohorts have included executives, professionals, and graduate students representing a diverse cross-section of the evaluation community. Many have reported the immediate application of the certificate curriculum to their own work.

Recent alumni of the program are applying their new knowledge all around the world toward improving programs and policies, including topics such as:
• advancing the health of American Indians living on reservations
• increasing the academic success of Native Hawaiian children
• developing better educational programs for children living below the poverty line
• improving the delivery of health care
• developing learning organizations
• supporting victims of torture in Southeast Asia

Follow this link to see samples of our participants' work.

Acceptance into our highly selective Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation Program will provide you with the opportunity to become part of a large community and network of evaluation professionals, graduate students, alumni, faculty, and organizations that provide internships, jobs, and evaluation grants and contracts to the Claremont Graduate University Evaluation Community.

For more information, please e-mail (dbos@cgu.edu) or call 909-607-9016.

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