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GLI 2015 | Executive Education for Museum Leaders

The renowned Executive Education Program for Museum Leaders is entering its 35th year. The program is aimed at helping experienced executives become better leaders to strengthen their institutions' capabilities.

This intensive management program is for CEOs, Directors, COOs, and senior-level executives who influence policy, effect change, and are in the first five to seven years of their position. Program participants take four weeks of intensive courses that are designed to address current trends and challenges in the museum field. The program blends two weeks online, two weeks of residency at CGU, and a full day practicum at Los Angeles area institutions. Academically rigorous, the program emphasizes leadership, strategy, organizational culture, and change management.

Program Dates
Online | May 4-15
Residency | June 12-27

Program Cost

Program Information
Detailed Program Information

Applications Due
Jan. 15, 2015
Applications open
October 1

NextGen 2015 | Executive Education for the Next Generation of Museum Leaders

Today's museum leaders create the future. After a three-year hiatus, NextGen returns!

The Getty Leadership Institute now invites applications for NextGen 2015, a new blended-learning experience for the field’s emerging top talent. The NextGen program is for mid-level managers having three to five years of museum management experience and extraordinary leadership potential as recognized by senior executives.

The new 2015 NextGen program blends one-week of online learning and three days of residency in a collegial environment in Claremont, California. The curriculum is intensive, while also offering time for self-reflection and practical application of materials and concepts. Participants learn about their individual leadership style in support of developing a personal learning agenda. They examine their roles within their museum, team dynamics, greater institutional needs and perspectives, and the future of the museum field at large. Course modules focus on self-assessment, leadership, strategy, negotiation, and innovation.

Program Dates
Online | March 9-15
Residency | March 24-28

Program Cost

Program Information
Detailed Program Information

Applications Due
Jan. 5, 2015
Applications open
October 1

GLI Collaborations

Ongoing activities of GLI include co-sponsored events featuring innovators in the art, cultural, and museum sectors. In 2013 and 2014, GLI collaborated with the Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL), to produce a week-long program offering formal coursework and practicum assignments to the CCL fellows at Los Angeles museums. GLI works closely with the Instituto de Liderazgo en Museos' PADEM, sharing programmatic materials and developing programs that can be offered to institutions throughout Latin America.

Learn more about GLI Collaborations

Upcoming Collaborations

On Tuesday, Sept. 30th, GLI and the Museum Studies program at CGU present "Shaping the History of the West," part of the Conversations on Art, Culture, and Museums lecture series.
View the lecture invite

GLI and Sotheby's host Art Law Educational Course and Conference in January 2015. For more information, and to register, visit:

GLI Thought Leadership

For over 30 years, the GLI has been devoted to developing thought leaders in the museum field. Thought leaders change the way people think and the way they behave. Thought leaders have a passion about advancing the things that matter. Thought leaders look at their work through a different lens and encourage others to apply their own perspective by contributing input and ideas. They know why their program or product matters and how to inspire action in their constituents by staying true to their mission and values. Thought leaders are persuasive and use compelling narrative to engender support.

View Simon Sinek's video and consider how you inspire action and engagement at your institution. What opportunities and challenges might arise for your institution if you applied Sinek's Golden Circle technique? As a thought leader, how might you build upon Sinek's ideas to change your institution or the museum field for the better?

GLI Network

The Getty Leadership Institute alumni network is worldwide. Close to 1500 professionals have participated in GLI programs since its inception in 1979.

View a list of GLI alumni

View a list of NextGen alumni

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About GLI

The Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University (GLI at CGU) is dedicated to advancing thoughtful leadership in the museum field. GLI offers executive educational programs, special events, and an online forum to help forward-thinking museum professionals develop their knowledge and skills in order to manage change and forge success.

GLI is part of an active center of arts management and leadership programs at Claremont Graduate University. Learn about the Arts Management Program, Sotheby's Institute of Art-Los Angeles, the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management.

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Major funding for the GLI at CGU is provided by the Getty Foundation.

GLI Staff

Melody Kanschat, Executive Director
Melody Kanschat is an energetic arts professional with broad experience in management, communications, fundraising and master plan development. In April 2013, Melody was appointed Executive Director of the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University. She had recently concluded a 22-year career with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where she served in a variety of executive capacities. In her final six years at LACMA, she was the Museum’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Toni Guglielmo, Assistant Director
Toni Guglielmo brings an impressive background in museums and academia to the GLI. In 2011-2012, she was the Sylvan C. Coleman and Pamela Coleman Memorial Fund Fellow in the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Prior to her fellowship, she developed and managed an award-winning distance learning program at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and served as the Assistant Director for the Museum of Creativity Project as well as a Project Associate at the Getty Education Institute for the Arts.

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GLI Faculty

Faculty and speakers come from the top ranking institutions including the USC Marshall School of Business and the Claremont Graduate University’s Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management. Faculty members incorporate case studies and exercises in their curricula that draw upon current events and trends, and blend theory with best practices in the museum field.

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