GSC General Meeting

[Meeting Time]

McManus Conference Room

Meeting called by:

Elisa Mann


Elisa Mann


Katie Colvin

Note taker:

Katie Colvin

Officers Present

Linda Bandov




Jennifer Jared

Mario Villarreal

Mario Paez

Marcie Kaufman

Jeffery Brown

Eric Lin

Elizabeth C

Aris K

Cynthia Olivio

Edward Robinson

Ruben Glueck

Tamer Balci





Dean Whitaker

Vanessa Raney


Agenda Topics


Reading and approval of minutes

Katie Colvin

Discussion:  After Elisa calls the meeting to order and introduces Jeffery Brown to everyone, Katie explains that she sent the Nov 26 minutes out and no revisions were made.  There is a motion made by Katie and seconded by ?? to approve the minutes.  No discussion.  11 ayes, 0 nays. (later there are 13 votes so I'm not sure if this was miscounted or 2 people walked in late.  Motion Passed.  Moving on to the Dec 10th minutes, a motion is raised to approve them electronically.  Elisa expresses concern that her comments about the Vice President taking over in the absence of the President, and the vote held when an officer leaves were not made to the minutes and Katie explained that they weren't added b/c it would change so much context that without further evidence that specific statements were actually said she didnít feel comfortable making those changes.  Linda states that the minutes are an account of what the Secretary hears and so the minutes should stand if she didn't hear the statements said.  Elisa disagrees b/c they should be an accurate account.  Discussion moves on to getting a tape recorder to record the minutes for this type of situation.  It is agreed that we should look for a recorder to at least keep a record.  Back on the discussion of the minutes, the Dean raises the point that members can correct an inaccuracy in one of their statements unless there's substantial evidence against it.  So, there is a motion to approve the minutes without Elisa's additions, seconded by ?? .  3 aye, 1 nay, 8 abstain.  Motion passed.  Katie asks if she should take a little looser notes to alleviate some of this confusion - agreed that loose is fine.  Katie motions to purchase a tape recorder, Edward seconds.  No discussion.  12 Aye, 0 nay, 1 abstain; motion passed. 

Action items:  Post Nov 26th Minutes online and look for a tape recorder. 

Person responsible: KC

Deadline: None


Presidentís report

Elisa Mann

Discussion:  Elisa explains that the last vote was unconstitutional, but because of a defacto resignation she is now the acting president.  She formally calls for candidates.  At this point Katie raises Elizabeths point of the elected president not running May, but it is decided that this is not an interim president, this is a president we would elect and so there is no stopping them from running again in May.  Linda asks why we are waiting to hold the election.  There is some discussion of the possibility of holding the election today b/c we need to move on to other issues, but Elisa says that it's the election process should be transparent and completely rock solid so she's trying to make sure that happens and that the constitution is up to date on who can vote.  Several people say they'd like to vote today if we can get everything clear.  Cynthia motions to call of nominations for off ice of President, Jenny seconds.  Linda nominates Mario Villarreal, Cynthia nominates Elisa Mann.  Linda motions to move forward and have the election tonight.  Mario P Seconds.  Linda motions to amend the agenda.  Mario seconds.  10 aye, 0 nay, 3 abstain; motion passed.  Linda motions to elect the President; Cynthia seconds.  9 aye, 0 nay, 4 abstain; motion passed.  Elisa motions to clarify that the international student rep and part-time student rep.  both have voting rights.  14 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstain; motion passed. There is some discussion over using the procedures that are in the updated constitution, but ultimately they are not followed completely, so electronic ballots do not count.  Elisa leaves so that Mario can give his speech for 5 minutes and be questioned for 10. 

Mario states that he wants to work on pursuing important issues that the GSC is already working on.  He gives some of his background leadership positions and then states his three goals:  career services assessment, constitution, and hosting a social for the graduating class.  Tamer asks about getting the word out about the GSC via a newsletter or the website, and Mario acknowledges that those are important issues to be discussed.  Aris asks about his availability b/c of lack of attendance the previous semester, and Mario emphasizes that he is pretty free this semester.  Edward asks if he will be able to work with Elisa since she would still be VP, Mario answers with a "not by myself" because everyone has their own interests and personalities but he will work with those who are willing to work with him. Aris asks if he is aware of the lack of committee involvement, and Mario says he is and will work to increase it.  Linda asks if Mario is willing to be flexible and Mario answers that he will be flexible and that we all need to keep in mind that everyone has other commitments so we all need to be flexible.  Mario P asks about what strategies Mario can sue to smooth out the politicking and Mario answers that he will listen, try to understand, and interact one on one to better understand.   That's it, Mario gets Elisa.

Elisa begins by saying she doesn't know what to say.  She feels that the constitution is important, as is financial aid and academic department communication.  Fro the GSC she wants us to become a respected organization who has members with high integrity, communication and internal respect.  She wants socials that mean something, that give to the greater good.  She then opens it up for questions.  Mario asks about her strategy for smoothing over the previous politicking and she says that it'll be difficult because we all have our own way of dealing with issues.  She emphasizes the point of open honest communication.  Jeff asks when she will graduate and how much time she is available to contribute to this position.  She graduates Dec 2004 and she only has 3 courses and works part time, so she definitely has the time.  Aris asks what she sees as the three most important goals for the GSC are and she answers by saying that the constitution is important, but that she wouldn't try to put something in place before it was thoroughly discussed among the members.  Cynthia asks how she sees the councils' role in affecting change on GSC and Elisa says that she sees the council as the voice of the students.  Cynthia also asks how Elisa thinks she's done on achieving her own goals within the organization.  Elisa says her goals were harmony, core values, and access and she's thinks that the communication is key to harmony, the core values are integrity and fairness, and the access is mainly an IT issues but also access to the future and she's helping with Career Services.  Edward asks what she can do to keep the members focused on the GSC issues.  Elisa says that there's a lot of commitment on the GSC and we'll have to work together to get issues resolved.  Elisa leaves so members can discuss.

The general discussion is the positives and negatives of each candidates and leadership responsibilities.

Mario and Elisa return.  Ballots are passed out and members vote.  Everyone leaves the rooms and Katie and Dean Whitaker count the votes.  Mario -10; Elisa- 3; Abstain- 0; Invalid- 0, Other- 0.  Mario elected President.  Everyone returns from break.  

Mario is announced as the President.  Mario begins by asking for an update as to why the GSC office was moved and Elisa explains that it was moved b/c of Hagelbargers security issues.   The discussion that follows is getting clarification as to why this happened and if the GSC can do anything to change it.  The Dean makes clear that this is done and changes cannot be made, but some compensation is possible.  Mario asks the Dean to express that this is something the Institution did and that the GSC didn't like it. Linda emphasizes that the issue here is really the lack of communication - there were no negotiations, this was just a mandate that we had no forewarning about, and in the future we would appreciate more communication.  Elisa emphasizes that the room does have positives to help compensate for the move.  The general discussion ends with the point of communication being key here.  Vanessa Raney asks questions about student housing that the Dean answers briefly and then must leave. 

Elisa mentions that the GSC now has an email address for us to use to send out information to the students.  Sheís not sure of the exact address but will let Mario know. 

Action items:  Election is held.  Mario Villarreal is elected the President. 

Person responsible: MV

Deadline: none

GSC Office is moved

Mario V.



Treasurerís report

Linda Bandov

Discussion:  Linda updates everyone on the travel award dispersement of $2070 and the president awards money.  She's currently looking at the school wide budget issues and she'll update the GSC on that at the next meeting. 

Linda motions to give $200 to a student to input the Career Services Survey data, Tamer seconds.  12 aye, 1 oppose, 0 abstain.  Motion passed.  There is some discussion by Jeffrey because he feels a student would do it for free and he will work on that.  So, ultimately, the money is available if we cannot find someone to do it for free. 

Action items: Find student for data input

Person responsible: JB

Deadline: none


Secretaryís report

Katie Colvin

Discussion:  Katie tells everyone about the survey, but it's decided that everyone will complete the survey at the next meeting.  She also passes out the availability calendars and everyone fills them out. 

Action items: Survey Delayed

Person responsible: KC

Deadline: Next meeting


Committees Report

Committee Chair

Discussion:  Constitution Committee report skipped; Website Committee report skipped.  Travel awards - Aris lets everyone know that no one volunteered to help with reading the applications and that's unacceptable.  He lets everyone know that there will be $5400 awarded in total so the application will be updated for next semester to make it more clear.  And, Jenny and Linda are working on dispersing funds and notifying students. 

The social committee is going to start planning the Spring Social for the Graduates.

Action items: nothing specific

Person responsible:



Representativesí issues


Discussion:  Aris announces that this is his last semester so he will be looking for replacement for SBOS and we need to look for IT Steering Committee replacement. 

Mario V motions to end the meeting, Mario P seconds.  Meeting Adjourned. 

Action items: nothing specific

Person responsible: