GSC General Meeting

November 12, 2003

6 pm-9pm

McManus Conference Room




Meeting called by:

Mark Macias

Note taker:

Kathleen Colvin


Mark Macias




Mario Paez

Edward Robinson

Aris K



Marcie Kaufman

Theodore Anderson

Daisy White



Jennifer Jared

Vanessa Raney

Linda Bandov



Elizabeth Crossland

Arthur Hsu

Elisa Mann



Cynthia Olivio




Additional Speakers: Kevin Lustig - Rowing Club, Pitzer College; Lara Minassian - Art Dept



Agenda topics



Presidents Report

Mark Macias


Discussion:  Leadership Styles

o       Personal style

o       Changing the world vs small incremental changes

o       OIC and Committee Chairs     


Part-Time Student rep. – Sean Jasso


Proposed Constitution Committee meeting – Friday November 14, 2003


Adhoc Committee




Action items:

Person responsible:




VP Report

Elisa Mann


Discussion:  Rules of Communication






Action items: 

Person responsible:




Treasurers Report

Linda Bandov




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Person responsible:



New/Existing Club Funding

Kevin and Lara



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Person responsible:



Travel Awards


Discussion: When I walked in the Council was discussing travel awards.  Aris informed everyone that there would be two deadlines, one for Aug 26-Dec 31, and one for Jan 1 –Aug 25.  He also pointed out that these are awards, not reimbursements. 

The applications will be judged on Essay, Participation, and Application.  The participation is broken down into 5 categories, and each one has a different weight: Being invited to a conference or other events (5 pts); Hosting a conference or other event (4 pts); Presenting a paper or other work (3 pts); Presenting a poster (2 pts); just Attending (1 pt).  Most of the variability in the travel award applications will come from this portion of the application.  Mario points out that the scope of the conference should also be taken into account. 

He also brings up that last year the Travel Award Committee was given special privileges to make the decision themselves rather than bring each application to the whole GSC.  Arthur asked how many applications were received last year, Aris said 78 in the spring and 35 in the Fall. 

Aris proposes that we grant the committee the privilege to judge the applications without having to bring them to the whole Council.  Vanessa comments that most students are far enough along in their career to be invited to a conference.  Aris clarifies that even if a professor invites you to come with them to a conference to help them, that counts as being invited.  Mario comments that conferences that use a peer review as part of submission application should be given higher priority than conferences that have an automatic acceptance policy.  A discussion continues on what constitutes 'invited.'

Mario emphasizes that there are no names on applications, so there's some objectivity.

Vanessa suggests using prestige of conference as a factor as well, but Aris says none of us are in the position to judge conference prestige.

Mark motions to grant privilege to the committee to judge the applications.  Aye 13.  Nye 1.  Motion passed.  Aris points out that this application has not been brought to President Upham yet, but it will be.  He also mentions that going a conference or other event to do research would be considered passive participation b/c conference participation is used to get CGU's name out, and going to do research is not doing that. 

Conclusions: Aris will get application to us soon.

Action items: Aris works on application 

Person responsible: Aris



Career Services Survey Update


Discussion: Mario and Linda met with the Faculty committee and they were very helpful at giving feedback and support on the survey and the methodology.  They also let the faculty know that we would be using some class time to conduct these surveys.  Linda and Mario will make the changes based on the feedback they received and are making it very student focused.  The plan was to complete the surveys next week, but that's no longer feasible so they are aiming for the week of Dec 1.  Mario emphasizes that they need everyone's support and help with this and that they will provide the surveys and all the necessary information/ details we need. 

Mark states that the survey is for students and we're here for the students so this is what we should be doing.  This is part of our job.  We need to help and support this.

Linda asked us to let our classes know that this is coming up and that if we have a school council she'd like to go in and present the information there and receive their feedback.  They know needs are going to be different and they need to find out from various representatives if the survey is reaching the needs.  Vanessa asks 1) how are students whose departments are not represented going to get surveyed? 2) What happens if we have a class conflict?  3) How are you going to reach the students who aren't in classes but working on their dissertation?  Mario says that they will find someone to cover the classes in the not represented departments.  They will be surveyed.  He also says the same for class conflicts - get someone to cover the class for you or we'll find someone.  And, Linda says that each schools is in the process of sending her email address for the PhD dissertation students and that the survey will be sent out via email.


Website Committee


Discussion: Elizabeth gives a brief update on what the committee is going to do to improve the website.  The main things they will do first is to change everything that has dates on it including the minutes and calendar.  They will also make sure students know it is under construction.  She also passes out a form that should be used by anyone wanting to add information to the website.  

Conclusions:  Committee is meeting to work on website

Action items:

Person responsible:



Representative Updates


Discussion: Mark asks each representative to state whether or not they are on board to help with the survey and any issues they have in their school.

SBOS - Aris is on board to help and will make arrangements to get all classes covered.

SPE - Mario is on board and the Dean is willing to help.

Cultural Studies - Edward is willing to help.  He has a question about Travel Awards but will address it later.

Art - The art event went well.  There are openings on Tuesdays that she encourages everyone to come to.  And she's willing to help with the surveys.

Botany - He mentions that it's not relevant to his department b/c most of the students there are going to be professors.  Linda clarifies that the survey addresses PFF as well so it is relevant.  If that's the case, he's willing to help.

Drucker - Arthur is willing to help, but he's going to need some extra help b/c the school is so large.  He also clarifies some information on the name change to Drucker school.  It wasn't conveyed clearly to the students, but, Dr. Drucker was fully supportive of the name change.  And the school isn't dropping the Drucker name it's just adding to it.  Dr. Drucker knows its important for securing the endowment for years to come, so he supports it.

Vanessa - Says the humanities department takes care of career services so she doesn’t think the surveys need to be done. 

Math - Supportive.

Education - Cynthia is supportive but will need help as well b/c of the school size.  She also tells everyone that there's going to be an event in February where a well known educational speaker will speak - she'll get more details later. 

So, everyone's on board and all students will be covered.  Mark motions to adjourn the meeting and Elisa seconds. 


Meeting is adjourned. 



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