GSC General Meeting

February 4, 2003


McManus Conference Room


Meeting called and Facilitated by:

Mario Villarreal

Timekeeper and Note Taker:

Katie Colvin

Officers Present:

Linda Bandov

Elisa Mann

Administration Present: none


Jennifer Jared

Marcie Kaufman

Tamer Balci

Mark Konkle-white

Aris K.

Ruben Glueck

Mario Paez

Jeffrey Brown














Agenda topics

Town Hall Meeting


All Present

Discussion:  The first issue raised is the procedures to elect reps and officers.  The idea of having departments elect reps is raised.  Mario P says he's trying to institute that into his school.  Aris says that the issue of having school wide elections has been brought up before but has been struck down b/c it becomes a popularity contest.  Mario V says that this is a constitution issue and should be dealt with there. 

MV raises the issue of lack of attendance at the Town Hall meeting.  Linda said that there were flyers but reps didn't get them and hang them up.  And Mario P may have been the only rep who sent out an email and that's not acceptable, it should be a team effort.  MV also added that many students don't know their rep.  Jeff brought up the idea of having the reps make individual flyers and handing them out at the schools b/c we can't rely on emails. 

There is continued discussion on having an updated website, using flyers, and making a newsletter.  Eventually Jen is appointed (or volunteers - I was out of the room) to make a proposal for the newsletter.  Katie suggests making a committee for that so that she doesn't have to do all the work herself.  She agrees and Katie will be the officer oversight. 

Conclusions:  We need to increase communication between us and the students. 

Action items:  Reps make flyers for their school/dept 

Person responsible: Reps



Proposal for newsletter

Jennifer Jared





Presidents Update

Transdisciplinary Course, Constitution, Next meeting Feb 11th

Mario Villarreal

Discussion:  MV lets everyone know that he's talking with the administration on having a monthly joint event where senior administration and GSC are available to for students to meet and talk with them in an informal way.  The funding for food would be provided by both GSC and administration.  Tamer suggests using the Provosts tea b/c then we don't have to pay for it.  MV says he will bring that idea to the attention of the Provost.  Jen mentioned that her dean did a bag lunch and that went well.  MV emphasizes that things are still in the works and he'll update everyone. 

He also has the constitution committee stay after so we can decide when we're meeting.  Aris wanted to make sure that it was on the record that the constitution committee does not have the same authority as other committees do.  The changes must be agreed upon by the entire council, not within the committee alone. 

MV emphasized that finding a meeting time was a difficult process and we were as accommodating as we could be.  He let everyone know that the next meeting would be next week since this was a short meeting. 

Conclusions:  MV will update everyone on the joint monthly event.  The constitution committee will meet soon to continue updating the constitution.  The next meeting is 2/11. 

Action items: none

Person responsible: n/a


VP's Update

Retreat and GSC Member Social

Elisa Mann

Discussion:  EM lets everyone know that she will not be able to attend the meetings but that was not a decision made lightly.  We decided that maximum rep representation was best.  Aris suggested having alternating meetings Wed/Thur so that she could attend some meetings. 

EM passes out the poster boards from the retreat to let everyone know what all we discussed.

EM suggests having an informal gathering on a weekend so that we can all socialize outside of school.  Everyone agrees that this is a good idea.  EM will set it up as either a pot-luck or a paid for (by the GSC) lunch. 

Action items:  Discuss alternating meeting days. 

Person responsible:  Officers

Deadline: 2/11

Set up social.

Elisa Mann


Secretary's Update

Minutes, Survey, Communications Committee

Katie Colvin

Discussion:  Katie motions to approve the minutes since they were sent out electronically.  Jeffrey Brown seconds.  Mario P says there's a mistake.  Katie points out what it is, gives him is 'prize' as a point that very few reps read the minutes.  EM says that the GSC email account is not included in the minutes either.  Katie motions to approve the minutes with the correction of the obvious mistake and the GSC email account.  Jeffrey Brown seconds.  Aye - 11; Nay - 0, Abstain 1 (Mark didn't receive the minutes so abstained to vote.). 

Katie passes out the surveys for all to take.  EM asks what will happen with these.  Katie says that the answers will be counted and a brief report made at the next meeting.  Everyone present fills out survey. 

After surveys are collected, Katie shows example of Special Advisory Committee outline and asks that everyone use this as a model. 

Action items:  Send out survey electronically to those absent. 

Person responsible: KC

Deadline: 2/8

Tabulate surveys and prepare report.



Create Committee Outlines

Committee Chairs


Treasurer's Update

GSC Budget, Budget Meeting

Linda Bandov

Discussion:  The Fall Travel Awards have been disbursed.   Please mention to deans that there is a lot of money to be used next semester and encourage participation.  Jenny encourages everyone to get into the classrooms and encourage participation. 

Next meeting we need to discuss the funding for I-Place b/c they need their Spring dispursement.

We (Linda, Katie, Elisa, and Jeffrey) had a budget meeting with Bill Everhart and Dean Whitaker on Monday to discuss general budget issues.  I am working to increase the GSC budget - they are receptive to that but they would like a proposal.  So, if you have specific ideas please let me know.  This is something the committee will work on. 

Action items:  Talk to Deans about TA's

Person responsible: Reps


Work on proposal for budget increase.

Budget Committee





Committee Updates


Committee Chair

Discussion:  Each member's name is read off if they are part of the committee. 

Housing:  EM will set up a walk-through with the housing committee to see what the issues are with housing and see if they can help. 

Budget - Linda will email the members to work on the proposal.

Career Services - Surveys have all been collected.  A Drucker student will begin inputting the data soon.  Linda will present an overall report to the Faculty Executive Committee in March. 

Constitution - stay after to decide meeting time. 

Financial Aid- Cynthia is sick, Katie reads off what the purpose is but there is nothing going on right now.  Jeff mentions that instead of the CA survey for financial aid, he is working with Jim and Jack to create a survey to address the needs of students.  He meets with them on Monday to start working.   

IT Steering - Aris says they only meet once every 2 months and they will meet soon.

Social - Mario is looking at having the graduation social in late April or early May. 

Travel Awards - The disbursements have been made and checks will go out on Thursday.  There will be a rejection letter that goes out at the same time as well.  We're going to get a picture of the President giving the Presidents award and we can post that on the web. 

Website - The website is continually updated.  Pictures will be up soon.  Those who cannot attend meetings can send in pictures of themselves electronically. 

Action items:  see above. 

Person responsible:


Representative Updates



Discussion:  Jenny - English - She has a meeting with the dean tomorrow to discuss holding the brown bag lunches again, the Transdisciplinary course, and the WS Journal.  MV lets everyone know that there is an amendment to the Transdisciplinary course - a student or department can be waived by the Provost if it's absolutely necessary.  Also, it's not a humanities course and it's only for new PhD's. 

Marcie - Art - They are beginning the MFA thesis exhibitions again so please spread the word.  She also has a show up in China Town on Valentines night. 

Tamer - History - He's looking for a replacement.  EM has been in contact with the History
Department (Chair Janet Brodie and Arts and Humanities Program Coordinator Elysabeth Flores Griffith)about Vanessa's continued disruptions and an email has been sent out to disregard any information that does not come from Tamer or another GSC Representative. 

Mark - Music- S's are unhappy b/c the secretary has left.

Jeffrey - Drucker- Friday the 13th the DSSA is having a kickball event - International Students vs American Studetns.  On Feb 6th there's an alumni event - Day at the Races in Anaheim.  It's $27, includes lunch, entrance fees, and program.  He thinks its now open to anyone b/c they have a lot of left over tickets. 

Aris - SBOS-  The students main concern is SPAM but that was brought up at the  Town Hall.  He's looking for a replacement b/c this is his last semester. 

Ruben - Math - Nothing.  MV asks about the plagerism issue but Ruben is unaware of it. 

Mario P - SPE - He met with is Dean - who gave him the Business planfor the school.  The dean is trying to formalize some things and he has a good vision.  He too is looking for a replacement but he's going towards having the election procedure in place to do this. 

Cynthia - Education - Katie read her email: "I am working on putting together a School Reform Conference and bringing some grass roots organizers and Sal Castro a school reformer from the 1970's to campus.  My target date for this is March."

Action items:  See above.

Person responsible:


Mario motions to adjourn the meeting.  Mario P seconds.  Meeting adjourned. 


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