GSC General Meeting

March 10


McManus Conference Room




Meeting called by:

Mario Villarreal


Mario Villarreal


Katie Colvin

Note taker:

Katie Colvin


Officers Present

Linda Bandov

Elisa Mann




Marcie Kaufman

Al Sergent

Tamer Balci


Mario Paez

Aris K

Elizabeth Crossland

Jeffrey Brown







Bruce Griffin


John Salsman






Agenda topics


Dean of Students Q&A


Bruce Griffin, CGU CIO


Discussion:  Bruce Griffin (BG) Iím looking forward to hearing your thoughts on IT.  The CIO owns all the IT problems but he doesnít own the solutions which means that I work through the staff to get solutions.  We have a staff of 13 on site who provide support for a variety of the systems here on campus.  Email is probably the big ticket item now.  There was a brief discussion of IT problems concerning SPAM, viruses, bouncing emails, attachments, and I would add a delay on the emails.  BG - It sounds like we need to put together a newsletter geared towards students and their problems.  CGU  faculty and staff have a SPAM filter but there's  not one for student b/c of costs.  The service is being reevaluated for student use though.  This was followed by discussion of continued use of Collegis for IT, after which BG left. 


Action items:  None

Person responsible: N/A

Deadline: N/A


Presidents Update

New Asian GSA Club; CWEST New Club Request; Dinner with President Upham; USC Interdisciplinary Conference; Constitution                       

Mario Villarreal


Discussion:  The CWEST representatives explained that they were creating an organization for CUC women economy students along with the women economy professors and try to build a community to help each other.  This was followed by a Q and A period where upon they revealed that: the first meeting was just economy but it is open to other majors and genders;   there are 12-13 female faculty and 35-36 students but only 10 came to their first meet and greet; they will be having a roundtable discussion at the upcoming SPE conference and they are not yet formalized with a constitution and officers yet. 


John Salsman and Abjiti are trying to organize a career event for IT students.  Their notion is that if career services wonít do what they are supposed to do then we will do it ourselves.  JS said he had been told that the CGU student isnít marketable  - they want to prove that we are.  During the Q and A session the following was found:  they are getting CGU administration and departments involved, several large corporations and at least one career coach is coming, their costs were high ball estimates, but they are not willing to come back at a later date to present a more organized action plan. 


During the discussion of the QWEST request for funding Aris motioned to vote to give QWEST new club funding, MV seconds.  Vote:  Aye- 9. JB I am abstaining b/c of lack of organization.  Motion passed.  There was a discussion about providing better guidelines for new club funding and putting those guidelines online.  And that there should be a definitive list of clubs on the web since we're funding some of them.  In order to be able to provide AGSA with funding MV motions to move $100 from club events to new club funding.  Mario P seconds. Vote: 10 aye.  Motion Passed.  Then MP  motioned to provide 200 for AGSA.  MV seconds.  Vote: Aye 8, 2 abstain.  Motion passed.


We decided to have the dinner with President Upham on April 29th.  The conference information was tabled.  The constitution has been a little delayed but we are still working on it. 


There was a discussion on the IT career fair concerning giving funding to an event that doesn't seem well organized, and doesn't have a clear budget.  If it could be sponsored by GSC in coordination with IS then it would be better, but we can't just take this away from them.  The main issue with providing funding is that it doesn't seem well organized and if we support it and it doesn't go well then our name is on the line, so ultimately we decided to not provide funding but to let them know that they can come back and try again if they want. 


Action items:  Make guidelines for funding requests

Person responsible: EC

Deadline:  Next meeting



Secretary's Update

Minutes; GSCís Website URL; Team building exercise

Katie Colvin


Discussion:  There were no minutes to approve.  The website's url is now  There was no team building b/c of time constraints. 


Action items:  Email minutes for approval at next meeting

Person responsible:  KC



Treasurer's Update

GSC Budget; Career Services Meeting and Survey

Linda Bandov


Discussion:  LB explains expenditures in budget.  She thinks GSC should put on a career fair next year.  The survey results will be presented to the FEC March 22nd with a follow up at the deans meetings. 


Action items:  None

Person responsible:  N/A



Website/Communications Committee


Elizabeth Crossland


Discussion:  Elizabeth is looking into having student evaluations of professors online but because it needs to be done very carefully so the conversation is tabled until the next meeting. 


Action items:  None

Person responsible: N/A



Spring Social


Mario Paez


Discussion:  MP passes out a tentative budget.  There's some discussion on how to cut costs, but no specific changes are made.  It's important to keep in mind that not all monies allotted for fall social were spent, they will be able to get help from other schools, and this is a celebration so monies should be spent.  There's some discussion on the liability of alcohol, but Mario will take the proper steps for that. 


Action items:  Draft a more specific and less tentative budget.  Contact necessary people about liabilities. 

Person responsible:  MP

Deadline:  none specified


Representatives Updates




Discussion:  Jeffrey Brown let everyone know that b/c of the cost of living survey  the private limits will increase by 4 or 5 thousand a year.  In addition to the 3% tuition increase.   He will send the info.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:30


Action items: None

Person responsible: N/A