GSC General Meeting

April 7, 2004

5:30-8:30 pm

McManus Conference Room


Meeting called by:

Mario Villarreal


Mario Villarreal


Katie Colvin

Note taker:

Katie Colvin

Officers Present

Linda Bandov

Elisa Mann



Jeffrey Brown

Jennifer Jared

Ruben Glueck

Mario P

Aris K

Cynthia Olivio

Jonathan Andom











Agenda topics

President Update


Mario Villarreal

Discussion:  Banner came out good. Hands out invitations for Dinner at Presidents house – RSVP’s needed.  Next meeting is on the 21st – focused on spring social.  Special election meeting on the 28th.  Notice to send out for elections next week.


Action items:  Send out info for elections

Person responsible:  MV


Secretaries Update


Katie Colvin

Discussion:  Katie motions to approve the minutes from the March 24th Meeting.  Linda seconds.  8, aye, 1 abstention motion passed. 

Conclusions:  Minutes approved

Action items:  post minutes on the website

Person responsible: KC





Discussion: Mario emphasizes that the Constitution is for guidance, who we are, what we can and cannot do – it’s a practical document. When commenting on each article state which section, what your  comment/concern and what your suggestion is, then we’ll discuss it.  He emphasized that this is very important and that the advisory council suggested opening this discussion up to the entire student body.  So – we’ll get a final draft tonight then send it out to the student body to get feedback from them and ratify it on the 21st.  And Dean Whitaker is giving feedback as well.  The discussion goes from 5:50 to 9pm.  At the end Jen motions to table the by-laws.  Mario P seconds, everyone agrees.

Conclusions:  The constitution is revised.

Action items:  Post it on the web and elicit student feedback

Person responsible: KC and MV



Committee Updates



Discussion:  EM – Housing.  Elisa proposes that on       May 1st we put $50 toward food for a study break for housing students.  MV motions to allocate $50 from general fund.  MP seconds.  Then there’s a discussion that we should allocate $100 instead.  MV motions to allocate $100.  MP seconds.  10 aye, motion passed. 


There is some discussion around how we need to send out elections announcements soon, and maybe have a forum so that we continue traditions… MV will do that ASAP. 


Linda explains budget changes… nothing major. 


The Social committee will begin PR soon.  They are getting student organization aid.  Everything’s good to go.


For TA we need 9 readers.  Aris wants names at next meeting.


MV motions to adjourn the meeting, MP seconds - Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Conclusions:  Mario will send out elections announcement.  PR for social will begin soon.

Action items:

Person responsible:





Resource persons:


Special notes: