GSC General Meeting

April 21, 2004

5:30-7:30 pm

McManus Conference Room


Meeting called by:

Mario Villarreal


Mario Villarreal


Katie Colvin

Note taker:

Katie Colvin

Officers Present

Linda Bandov

Elisa Mann



Mario Paez

Cynthia Olivio

Albert Sargent

Elizabeth Crossland

Edward Robinson

Aris K.

Ruben Glueck

Jeffery Brown

Jennifer Jared

Marcie Kaufman








Agenda topics

Presidents Update


Mario V and Dean W.

Discussion:  Dean Whittakers update included letting us know that President Upham is writing w a letter to us for all of our work on Career Services.  There was a brief discussion on the move of the career services office, but ultimately it cannot be stopped even though it is inconvenient for students.  However, it does give CSís more space, and it is important so CGU will demonstrate that.  Concerning IT Ė There is a new email server on the way that should help alleviate the bottleneck effect currently.


Mario reminds everyone that the social is tomorrow, elections are next Wednesday, and we have dinner with President Upham on Thursday. 

Conclusions:  None

Action items:  None

Person responsible: N/A


Secretaries Update


Katie Colvin

Discussion: Katie motions to approve the minutes.  Mario P 2nds.  11 aye, 2 abstain (due to not having read them); motion passed.  Itís agreed that the GSC dinner will be at Buca Di Beppo on Wednesday may 19th at 5:30pm.

Conclusions:  Minute passed; Dinner Scheduled

Action items:  Post minutes, plan dinner

Person responsible: KC


Treasurer Update


Linda Bandov

Discussion: She gives a overview of the budget.  The Social over budget, but DSSA is helping, IT is also help, so weíre only over by $50.  LB motions to move $300 from club events to social (just to be sure thereís enough money there), Marcie Kaufman seconds.  13 aye, motion passed.  Travel awards are coming up so thatís coming up.  This budget is good through June 30.

Conclusions: None

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Discussion:  There were only 4 students who commented on the constitution, along with Dean Whitaker.  Those changes are some sentence restructuring, and some issues with representation, but we had already discussed that. 


The by-laws are then discussed, line by line and changes made on the document. 

It is ultimately decided that the constitution and by-laws will be posted online for all to see and comment on.  And we have a chance to all review the documents again before ratifying them at the Elections meeting. 



Person responsible:





New Clubs


CASE and E-Club

Discussion:  Marcie K.  Art club funding proposal.  Art dept CASE organization.  Purpose is to encourage students to produce and curate shows for their art.  It brings a lot of attention to the student and the school.  And creates community.  Today we were just establishing a club, not the sponsorship of exhibitions. 

Q:  Are non art student eligible?  A:  yes, but not eligible to show in specific exhibitions.  Q:  Are there Officers?  Regular meetings?  A:  At the start of academic year officers will be appointed/elected.  10 core members Ė 5 first years, 5 second years.  Itís a curatorial committee.  Meetings will be as needed.  More questions followed.  Itís brought up that it doesnít sound much different than a departmental organization, clarified that itís a direct benefit to art students, but brings community.  Non-departmental students arenít able to show their work in the Art dept because itís departmental policy and the dept owns gallery, but the department wonít fund these shows or this club.  Mario P motions to move $200 club events to new club funding.  Jen seconds.  Aye Ė 12; motion passed.  Mario V motioned, Mario P seconds to recognize them as a club and give them $200.  11 aye, 1 abstain; motion passed. 


Jeffrey B Ė E-Club funding proposal.  Jeff explains that this club is open to all students but itís called the ďDruckerĒ E-club b/c E-clubs have a requirement of 1 MBA student, and because of branding of the Drucker name.   Were looking for approval as a recognized club on campus.  Purpose is to bring students from all depts. Together to develop business plans.  Alumni as well to generate club funding.  Q:  how many students outside of Drucker are now members.  A:  2 out of 5.  Weíre looking for the $200, the biggest costs involved are going to be the speaker series and the club website.  Professional website b/c itís a knowledge bank, message board to generate ideas.  They have an alumnus who is a lawyer to help with legal issues.  Q: how much interest?  A: Iíve talked to probably 75 interested people, not just Drucker. 

Q:  What other depts. are interested?  A:  SBOS and SPE.  Linda B motions, Mario P seconds to reallocate funds club events to club funding $200  12 aye; motion passed.  Mario V motions to give $200, Linda B seconds, to give official status, and funding.  12 aye; motion passed.    

Conclusions:  E-Club and CASE are both recognized CGU Clubs and funds are allotted to both.

Action items:  Allocate monies.

Person responsible:  LB




Mario Principal

Discussion:  Social Ė everythingís planned and good to go.  If you can make it at 5 pm please help set up if you can.  Others stay late to clean.  We do have Hagglebargers Ė they are closed at 6pm- if you have ideas for in there. 


SPEís  having elections. 


Meeting adjourns. 

Conclusions:  Social Committee needs help setting and cleaning up.

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