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Date                      Speaker                               Topic

4/24/12  Dr.Robert Klitgaard  University Professor & President Emeritus, Claremont Graduate University speaking on "Policy Analysis & Evaluation of 2.0"

4/17/12 -- no Tuesday Talk  held

4/10/12 Dr. Charles R. Kesler,  Dengler-Dykema Distinguished Professor of Government Claremont Mc Kenna College, speaking on  "Hegel & American Politics"

4/3/12  Peter J. Taylor, Executive Vice President—Chief Financial Officer, University of California and SPE Alumnus speaking on The University of California & Public Higher Education 

3/27/12      Dr. Ashraf Singer, Adjunct Professor Dept. of Politics & Policy, School of Politics & Economics & Fulbright Scholar with Amir Baghepour speaking on “The Arab Spring: International Relations of the Middle East”

3/6/12        Dr. Yi Feng, Luther Lee Professor of Government and Dr. Wanjun Jiang, Visiting Scholar at SPE  and Associate Professor in Finance Guanghua School of ManagementPeking University with Zhijun Yu [special mention]of Continuing Education Renmin University of China speaking on “How Competitive are China’s Exports? An Anatomy of China’s Trade Structure”

2/28/12       Dr. Kyungkook Kang, Adjunct Professor in World Politics, Department of Politics & Policy 
speaking on "Measuring the Performance of a Nation: Relative Political Allocation"

2/14/12      Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman, Rutledge Capital, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Economics SPE speaking on Far From Equilibrium Economics:  Credit Crisis, Cascading Network Failure Portfolios & Optimal Portfolios

2/21/21    Dr. Melissa Rogers, Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics, Department of Politics & Policy
& Dongwook Lee, PhD Political Science student speaking on "Higher Learing for All ?  The Effects of Federalism on Education Spending in Regionally Disparate Nations"



Date                      Speaker                               Topic

9/6/11    SPE StudentTeam   The Claremont Difference: Experiences from Wikistrat's International Grand Strategy Competition.  To learn more about SPEs Team experience, click here.

9/13/11    Dr. Richard Medley, Chairman of Medley Capital    “Politics, Spies, & Mayhem: How Markets Work"

9/20/11   Dr. Jacek Kugler Professor Dept. of Politics & Policy & Dr. Ashraf Singer, Adjunct Professor Speaking on “Arab Spring:  The Libya Experience”

9/27/11   Dr. Thomas D. Willett, Horton Professor of Economic, Dept. of Econ. CGU & Claremont McKenna College speaking on "The Euro Crisis"

10/4/10   Paul Hardister, Assistant Director of Career Services, with a panel speaking on "Career Strategies in a Challenging Market"

10/11/11  Dr. Douglas Lemke,Associate Professor Dept. of Political Science, Penn State University speaking on, “Adding APEs to COW: De Facto States in World Politics" 

10/18/11  Dr. Yi Feng, Luther Lee Professor of Government, Department of Politics & Policy, speaking on “Global Power Transitions and their Implications in the 21st Century:  What Can We Learn from Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, U.K. and Others”

10/25/11  Dr. Jennifer Merolla, Associate Professor, Dept.of Politics & Policy,SPE and Dr.Adrian Pantoja, Associate Professor Political Studies/Chicano Studies, Pitzer College speaking on "Assessing the Hispanic Threat Hypothesis"

11/1/11   SPE and the The European Union Center of California presented Dr. Clas Wihlborg, Fletcher Jones Chair in International Business Chapman University speaking on "The Euro Crisis Revisted"

11/8/11 Dr. Hal Nelson,  SPE Research Assistant Professor speaking on "Leviathan's Prowess: the Theory and Practice of Government Capacity Research in Political Economy Studies"

11/15/11  Dr. Arthur L. Lorenzini, Jr., President, Claremont Homes Inc. speaking on “Moral Man & Immoral Society—Will your Fate Overcome Your Ambitions?  One CGU Real Estate Builder-Developer’s Odyssey”

11/22/11  Dr. James L. Mulvihill, Professor Emeritus, California State University, San Bernardino speaking on “Planning for Transit-Oriented Development”

11/29/11  Dr. Helene Slessarev-Jamir, Mildred M. Hutchinson Professor of Urban Studies, Religion & Politics at
Claremont School of Theology speaking on “Prophetic Activis: A Look at Progressive Religious Justice Activism in Contemporary America”

12/6/11  Dr. Richard Sweeney,The Bolton Sullivan & Thomas A. Dean Professor of International Finance at The McDonoough School of Business, Georgetown University speaking on Valuing Sovereign Debt From Default to Emergence:Re-establishment of Public Credit 1789-1791

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