Arts Management Consulting Practicum

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ARMGT 401 course syllabus

Sample Past and Current Arts Management Consulting Projects

It’s useful to learn how arts management works theoretically, but it’s critical to have the opportunity to test your experience in the field. In the last year in the program, students must complete a capstone project—an Arts Management Consulting Practicum and Final Report. It is a graded, 4 units (100 hrs) semester-long project culminating in a formal consulting report.  To satisfy this requirement of the program, you must enroll in ARMGT 401 Arts Management Consulting Practicum in the final year of study. This course is offered in the spring semester.

An orientation will be offered in October, four months prior to the start of the course. The orientation will explain the course schedule, activities and deliverables. These orientation sessions are open to all students enrolled in the Arts Management Program and attendance is mandatory.

Three months prior to the start of the course, students enrolled in ARMGT 401 will review proposals by nonprofit arts or cultural organizations that have been solicited by the Arts Management Program and select their projects.

Students may also propose their own projects, but solicitation and negotiaton of these projects with nonprofit arts organizations is up to the individual student. These projects do not necessarily have to be in Southern California. Selected organizations provide the student with a project based on a problem or challenge to be solved with expected goals and objectives. The organization will assign a staff liaison to provide the necessary information and oversight of the project. Where appropriate, students may partner to undertake a 200-hour project.

In the two months prior to the start of the course, students will meet with their organizational liaisons to refine the project, prepare an organizational overview, develop a scope of work to be approved by the faculty supervisor and the client organization, and complete a contract for the project. The specific project deliverables will be shaped to the organization’s needs and will be approved by the faculty supervisor before being sent to the organization for final approval. The student will manage the project, time lines and perform the actual work to meet the goals and objectives of the organizations.

Registration in ARMGT 401: Student registers for 4 units of study in the spring semester.

Required deliverables for the course:

  • Scope of work and contract with client organization
  • Organizational overview
  • Status reports during the semester at required intervals
  • Final written report be reviewed, approved and graded by the faculty supervisor
  • Completed course evaluation form

Final grades determined by:

  • Attendance/participation in all course sessions
  • Timely meeting of deadlines
  • Professional conduct of the project
  • Quality of the required interim and final work products; organizational overview, interim reports, written and oral presentations and the final report
  • Client satisfaction with project 

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