Paying for Your Graduate Education

All students admitted to our programs are offered a merit-based fellowship. The amount of this fellowship varies, and is communicated to students at the time of admission by their new faculty advisor.

In addition to this funding, many other sources of financial aid are available. A sample of these sources is listed below.

Many students have located jobs and internships through the DBOS Research and Jobs Coordinator and our job listings webpage, hosted by the Institute of Organizational and Program Evaluation Research.

Funding from CGU

  • Merit-Based Scholarships (offered to every admitted DBOS student at time of admission) 
  • Community Fellows Program
  • Research Assistantships: The vigorous grant activity in DBOS allows doctoral students to gain vital experience through paid grant positions. These are generally advertised through the DBOS Jobs listserv.
  • On-Campus Teaching Assistantships: Advanced students are regularly hired to assist with courses at Claremont Graduate University and the surrounding Claremont Colleges.
  • DBOS Travel Awards: The school is piloting a program to offer funding to students who are traveling to present or participate at academic conferences.
  • DBOS Administrative Positions: Students are hired in a variety of administrative positions within the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences. These are generally advertised through the DBOS Jobs listserv.
  • CGU Administrative Positions: Students from DBOS with Federal Work Study funds are eagerly sought by CGU’s administrative offices and other schools at CGU for on-campus part-time employment. For a list of positions, follow the link above.
  • Paid Internships: The DBOS Research and Jobs Coordinator works to keep students aware of paid internships. Follow this link to join the DBOS Jobs listserv.
    • Proactive DBOS students are consistently hired at a variety of local businesses, including Toyota, ABC-Disney, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Edison, the Riverside County Department of Mental Health, just to name a few.
  • Local Teaching – more than 100 colleges in the Southern California area!
  • Other Local Employment: The CGU Office of Career Management offers resources to students seeking employment, including regular on-campus Career Fairs.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Kristen Ahn at

Named Fellowships

Generous contributions from friends of our programs have led to an expanding range of named fellowships available to both incoming and current DBOS students. Some recent fellowships include:

  • Stuart Oskamp Fellowship
  • Maguire Intercollegiate Funds
  • Si and Bob Fluor Fellowship
  • Charles A. Reckefus Memorial Fellowship
  • John Stauffer Charitable Trust Fellowship
  • George Mayr Fellowship
  • Forest Lawn Fellowship
  • Larry and Jane Rosen Fellowship
  • Douglas and Ethel Pearce Endowed Fellowship
  • Anonymous Fellowship

A record number of fellowships have been given out to current students in 2011. Follow the link to learn more.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact please contact Kristen Ahn at

Other Popular Sources of Financial Aid

Students in recent years have received funding from the following sources:

Research and Education Grants

Perhaps the most prestigious means of funding your graduate education is by applying for a grant. The number of foundations and institutions offering grants for social science research and education is much larger than can be listed on this page.  However, the groups below have funded DBOS students in recent years, and may be a good place to start your search.

Please read the Funding Handbook for more information on student funding and financial aid.

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