MBA Course Syllabi, Spring 2013

MGT 301 Doing Business in Asia: Hong Kong Yamawaki
MGT 311 Designing Excellent Organizations Using Appreciative Inquiry Cooperrider
MGT 312 Doing Business in a Culture of Sustainability: Costa Rica Prag / Pick
MGT 314 Managing Information Technology in the 21st Century Bechor
MGT 360 Applied Operational Methods Gaukler
MGT 372 Sustainability for Strategic Advantage Laszlo
MGT 379 Foundations of Business in the Creative Industries Silverman
MGT 380A Practice of Management Bootcamp Tchalian
MGT 414 Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations Mohr
MGT 309 Business Law Jaffee
MGT 321 Marketing Management - Section I Darroch
MGT 321 Marketing Management - Section II Darroch
MGT 327 Financial Statement and Analysis Bergevin
MGT 328 Finance and Accounting for Non-Profits Raiguel
MGT 335 Corporate Finance - Section I Altintig
MGT 335 Corporate Finance - Section II Altintig
MGT 339 Financial Derivatives Mills
MGT 340 Strategy Jaffee
MGT 345 Organizational Behavior Bligh
MGT 364 Crisis Management Lipman-Blumen
MGT 352 Marketing Strategy Darroch
MGT 362 Revitalization Sathe
MGT 380B Practice of Management Tchalian
MGT 381 Mergers and Acquisitions: Law, Strategy and Finance Prag/Yamawaki/Dorff
MGT 383 Economics of Strategy Prag
MGT 382 Macroeconomics Prag
MGT 325 The Drucker Difference Faculty
MGT 357 Managing Client Relationships Jaworski



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