Claremont Graduate University is deeply grateful for the support of the many friends, donors, and institutional partners who have contributed to the vitality of the university’s Coptic Studies program. 


National Endowment for the Humanities
Sarwat Bassily

St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society

In loving memory of Fr. Antonious Henein
S. Michael and Monica Saad
In loving memory of Fr. Mikhail Saad
Merit and Sylvia Shoucri
Mark and Lois Soliman
Nabil and Janet Soliman
Hany and Marcell Takla
In loving memory of Archdeacon Yustos Takla
In loving memory of Hany R. Wassef
Raafat and Laila Wassef
Nabih and Isis Youssef

Magdi S. Abdou
In loving memory of Boulos A. Ayad
The California Community
In loving memory of Therese M. Chapman
Nabil and Mary Elgabalawi
Joseph and Sherine Fahim
George Faragalla
Gawdat and Martha Gabra
Hesham George
Mahfouz and Magda Gereis
Ashraf and Amany Hanna
Fr. Antonious and Therese Henein
Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox

John and Mary Isaac
In loving memory of Fr. David Johnson
Elhamy and Samia Khalil
In loving memory of Nagi F. Khalil
John and Mary Kalil
Susanna Khalil
Amal and Mirvat Malek
Morcos Massoud
The Medtronic Foundation
The PG&E Corporation Foundation
Palm Foundation
George and Samia Raheb
Raytheon Company
Nicholas and Nardine Riegels

Mary Rizkalla
Michael and Karen Rizkalla
In loving memory of Adel N. Saad
Josephine Saad
Katherine Saad
Nashat  and Loulette Saweris
Mark and Dalia Sedrak
Sameh and Maggie Wanis
Ezzat and Vivian Wassef
Ramses and Mary Wassif
Margaret Yanney
In loving memory of Rodolph M. Yanney
Moheb and Maria Youssef
Nabil and Judith Youssef
Youssef and Amira Youssef

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Febe Armanios
Yousry and Mona Armanios
Joseph Arsanious
Maggie H. Assad
Nagy and Inas Awadalla
Wagdy Aziz
Azer Bestavros
Mounir and Mary Bishay
The Boeing Company
Atef Boules
Rafael and Junko Chodos
Mahfouz and Juliette Doss
Nabil Eldeiry
Maher and Inas Elmasri
Onsi Elzayat
Fayez Eskander
Ragaa and Salwa Fahmi
Mounira Gabriel
Michael Galiouby
Mary George
Magdy Ghabrial
George and Lilly Ghaly

Maged Ghattas
George and Salwa Ghebranious
Nabil and Nardine Grace
Adel Guindy
Diaa and Mona Guirguis
Amged Habib
Hosny and Soad Hakim
Jonathan and Rose Hakim
Arsanious and Sohair Hanna
Victor and Salwa Hanna
William Hanna
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Atef Isaac
Gamal Iskander
Samuel and Mona  Iskander
Maryam Jacoub
Karl Kirolos
Albert Kolta
Nabil Malek
Sadek Mansour
David and Caroline Marcos
Fr. Felimon Mikhail
William Mirahem

Tharwat Morcos
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Sergei Plekhanov
Gabriel and Mary Raphael
Magdy Fayek Rezkalla
Edward Rizkalla
Youssef S. Saad
Naim Salama
Fr. Moses Samaan
Raouf Samaan
Boules Samuel
Nabil and Isis Selim
Ray Shenouda
Farid and Samira Soliman
Magdi Shoucri
Rachad Shoucri
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church
Bethel Staff
Kathryn Welter
Ralph M. Yanney
Samuel Youssef
Cherif Youssef
Michelle Youssef
Sohair Zaki


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