FAQ / CGU Research Conference

Updated 11/14/2013

Please read below for questions you may have about Claremont Graduate University's Annual Research Conference. This FAQ section will be updated online often between now and the day of the conference so be sure to check back for any last minute updates:

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About the Conference

Is this conference only about papers or do I have to present as well?

The only way to participate is this conference is by presenting the paper you're submitting. No exceptions.

Will an existing paper/essay qualify?

Yes, it will. We want your best paper, your best essay. We want you to take that A+ material and turn in into your first experience presenting at a professional conference.

I'm an undergrad. Do I still qualify?

Yes, you do. We specially encourage those undergrad students in the Claremont Colleges to submit their proposals. The conference allocates a special panel just for 5C's undergrads who want to participate.

Is there a fee to participate in this conference?

No, there is no fee involved.

I live outside the US. If accepted, will CGU cover transportation and/or international visa arrangements?

No. Each participant is responsible for their own traveling and visa arrangements. CGU will not cover any costs; CGU only provides the forum for you participate.

How do I turn my paper into a 250-word proposal?

There are plenty of resources on your own campus where you can get help doing this. Writing Centers, English TA's, are the best way to go.


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About Papers / Drafts

Why are there two papers due for this conference?

The first paper due is the closest you can get to your final paper but still on draft mode. At the conference, you will receive feedback from both audience and discussant. You can then make all necessary edits, refine your paper, and have this second paper ready to go for the online journal phase. Please remember not all papers submitted to the conference make it to the journal.

Does the first paper need to be the final, revised file or not?

It should be pretty much what you are presenting at the conference but you will have time to make edits based on feedback before the paper is submitted to the online journal. The first paper will be given to the faculty moderator/discussant for your panel and this is what they will base their feedback on.

What is the page length of my first paper?

Paper length should be 20 -25 pages at most for the sake of our discussants.

Why is the suggested length 20-25 pages but the presentation timed at 10 minutes?
Isn’t the rule one-minute-per-page for presentations?

Your research paper, although in draft mode, should be a substantial paper longer than 10 pages. At your discretion and judgment, you will pull out core elements from your paper and turn them into a 10-minute presentation.

What is the format of my first paper due?

The format required is according to your respective discipline i. e. Chicago, MLA etc. Please consult with your professors if you are in doubt. Please note that this format requirement may change if your paper is considered for the online journal.

Who should I email my paper/draft?

You should email it to conference@cgu.edu and wait for a confirmation reply.

How should I title my Word document?

Always, always title your paper with the following format: LastName-FirstName.doc. Please do not title your documents with the name of your paper.


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About Presentations


Is there a dress code?

You should dress professionally. Even though the conference has a friendly vibe for first-time presenters, it's always best to dress professionally.

Does every student who participates has to present?

Yes, by submitting your proposal you are accepting to present your paper on a panel. No exceptions.

I submitted my proposal but didn't have time to work on my paper. Can I still present?

No. Only students who have been submitted papers for review can present. No exceptions.

How long are the presentations?

10 to 12 minutes max. You will be timed.

Are PowerPoint files required?

PowerPoint files are not required but encouraged if applicable.

Can I use my own laptop or computer?

You may but we strongly suggest sticking to the available technology to minimize wait between presentations.

Are PowerPoint the only files one can submit?

No, you can submit other types of presentation files. However, remember that files that depend on internet connection (such as Prezi) or of a different platform (such as Apple's Keynote) have higher chances of conflict and we only have one IT staff member. Be advised that if your setup or troubleshooting is taking too long, the panel discussant may ask you to skip it and present without one.

Are the computers in the room PC or Apple?

All desktop computers in the rooms are PC. If your file requires an Apple computer, you are responsible for your own equipment and connectors to the PC available in the room.

Are there remotes for the presentations?

No, you have to manually advance your slides with the keyboard or mouse provided.

Does my room have audio-visual capacity, including microphone?

All rooms have a monitor and a computer with audio. By monitor, we mean an actual projector screen. However, not all rooms are big enough to warrant a microphone because it is not necessary.

Will presentations be given in a classroom or auditorium?

It depends in which panel you fall under. Some panels will be held in an auditorium while some will be in a smaller location. Panels’ information will be sent out soon. Check your email daily for conference updates.

What is the expected number of attendees in each session?

Audience attendance is unpredictable, like in any other professional conference—it can range from 5 to 40.

Does everyone need a PowerPoint file for their presentation?

No. They are not required. You don't have to have them.

When is the deadline to submit PowerPoint files?

Deadline forthcoming. This is a strict deadline. There will be no corrections or revised files after you send out your files.

Who should I email it to?

You should email it to conference@cgu.edu and wait for a confirmation reply.

Will room(s) be Internet enabled?

Yes, they will be. Password and info are below and are only valid for the day of the conference:

"Claremont" network (not Claremont-WPA) is unrestricted.
Username:  mmpconf
Password:   conf2013
"CGU-Guest" network is limited to basic web browsing only.
No username or password needed.

What is the time allocated for Q&A?

Q&A time is at the discretion of the discussant/moderator. In the past it has ranged from 5-10 mins per presentation to a 20 mins general Q&A for all presentations.


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About Posters

Does CGU print these posters for the students?

No. Printing your poster for this conference is your responsibility. Check your local printing resources such as FedEx Kinko’s.

What is the recommended size?

They will be set up on easels that are 22" width by 30" height (with bottom hooks where a bigger board can rest upon). A manageable size would be best.

How do I set up and present my poster?

Conference volunteers will be available to assist with set-up. During your allotted time, we ask that you stand by your posters so conference attendees may walk by, ask questions and learn more about your topic. Please check in at the registration table at least an hour before your allotted time to begin setting up. We remind you to be respectful of your peers and register to attend the entire conference.

Does my poster need to be mounted to a board?

Yes, the display easels we provide do not have a solid back for a sheet of paper; your poster must be mounted on a board.


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"LUX" - Online Journal

What is LUX? Where can I find it?

LUX is the academic journal resulting from selected entries to this conference. We encourage you to download it at: http://scholarship.claremont.edu/lux/.

The conference is over. What is the next step?

More information about publishing requirements can be read below, in the "LUX" - Publishing and Formatting Requirements section.

Is my paper automatically qualified for the online journal?

No. The journal committee will choose only the strongest papers for the online journal. Resources such as the Writing Center can be of great help to refine your research and get you to this next step.

When is the first deadline for submission?

Please check your inbox after the conference is over for further deadline information.
Please check your inbox and junk/spam folders for emails with the title LUX on them.

How does one submit an article?

Please visit http://scholarship.claremont.edu/lux/ and click on "Submit Article" on left-hand menu. Follow the steps. Please do not send us your article via email to any of the committee members. We are unable to upload it for you. There is no need to email us asking for confirmation. The system itself will send you a confirmation email. If you submit an article without having presented at the conference, your article/submission will be rejected.

Please do not send papers if you haven't presented in the conference yet. We will reject any submissions sent prior to the conference's date.

Is there a minimum of pages required for this journal?

The minimum of pages is 12 without considering bibliography, resources list, etc. Please note that while your draft submitted for the conference may have been shorter than 12 pages, we do require you to submit at least 12 pages of content if you want to be considered for publication.

I presented two papers at the conference. Are both papers eligible for publication?

No. The journal committee and editorial board will choose only the strongest paper for the online journal. That's one of the policies LUX has in place to secure fair participation.

I presented a poster at the conference. Can I turn it into a paper and submit?

If you will turn your poster into a paper, please do not submit "research design" papers. Elaborate on your research and present a substantial paper for consideration.

Can I submit a variation of this paper to other academic journals in the future?

Absolutely. Always consult with your academic advisors on how to proceed with this step.

I have decided to submit my paper to another journal. Can I still participate in CGU's academic journal project?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Most academic journals, including this one, consider the submission of one paper for simultaneous considerations in other journals an “unethical practice,” violating the standard of publishing original work. Also, if you submit a paper to another journal and it is discovered that you have published the paper elsewhere in another journal, it can hurt your credibility and reputation.


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"LUX" - Publishing and Formatting Requirements

Publication Submission Policies

-The paper that has been accepted to our Online Journal should NOT be under consideration for any other journal. If the paper you submitted to our journal is (a) something you want to submit to another journal or (b) is already under consideration in another journal, we ask that you withdraw your submission.

-The work you publish in our Online Journal must be original and needs to fully reference / describe all research that contributed to your current work.

-To prevent plagiarism, we will be cross-checking the text you submit with online, anti-plagiarism tools. Your submission of your paper drafts implies permission for us to check for plagiarism.

-All work contained in your paper that is not yours including tables, charts, artwork and concepts must be appropriately cited. For material that is copyrighted, we will need you to obtain a letter of permission from the copyright holder.

Format Guidelines


  • Put author’s last name and page number is upper right hand corner header. Times New Roman, size 10.
  • Title of Paper should be Times New Roman size 20.
  • Allow one space after Paper title, then put your author name as you would like it to appear using Times New Roman size 12. Underneath your name, put the affiliation you would like to appear in Times New Roman 12, italicized.
  • Allow once space after author name and affiliation. Center and bold the word “Abstract.” Allow another space, and put abstract in Times New Roman 12 italicized. Abstract should not exceed 250 words.

    • First letter of paper should be Times New Roman 20 followed immediately by Times New Roman 12.
    • Paper is single-spaced.
    • Author can chose the most appropriate form of citation for their discipline, we ask only that author sticks consistently to a single form of citation.
    • Paper should not exceed 30 pages. This limit includes reference lists, appendices, figures, and tables.
    • Margins, top, bottom, left and right all are 1 inch.

    SAMPLE PAPER: Please download this paper to get a better sense of our formatting guidelines.

    We encourage you to use bibliographic software when preparing your reference list. If you are using such software, please select “Chicago Manual Author-Date” style. Go to this site if you require further insight: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html.

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