Religion Councils

The Department of Religion is dedicated to studying religions in their relationship to each other and to understanding religions in terms of their interdependence, cultural exchange, and unique contributions to civilization. Through its councils the Department of Religion seeks to establish permanent and vibrant relationships with the religious communities in our region. Currently, eight councils facilitate that process. They are:

Each council is made up of leaders from a distinct religious community and SOR faculty whose teaching relates to the interests of the council. These councils represent a partnership with the religious community by advising the department on the needs of the community and consulting with the department as courses and programs are developed. By expanding the network of relations with a religious community, the councils bring new friends and resources to the department in areas where the department is seeking to expand its doctoral programs to encompass the world's religions.

The Goals of the Councils include:

  • Identify community leaders who may want to serve on the Council and request their participation.
  • Serve as ambassadors of the Department of Religion to the community.
  • Identify cultural and religious institutions within the community whose cooperation with the Council may enhance the overall goals of the Department of Religion.
  • Survey the educational needs of the community and identify ways and means whereby the Department of Religion at Claremont Graduate University can meet these needs.
  • Propose themes and topics for conferences, symposia, and lectureships that will benefit the wider community.
  • Provide advice and counsel to the Dean and faculty of the Department of Religion in the development of new programs.
  • Secure financial support for the Council's initiatives.

FMI, contact the Blaisdell Office of Religion and Culture at 909.607.9592 or

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