What's New? (For Students)

Summer 2012

2 April 2012


Tuition Increase and CGU Student Fee

Tuition and fees for 2012-2013 are now updated on the Student Accounts website and are effective with the start of the Summer term.  A tuition increase of 3.49% has been set.  Please review the table on the Student Accounts website for complete information.

Two important changes impact the Student Services and Technology Fees--an increase in fees and the applicability of the fees.

The Student Services Fee is increased to $175 and renamed the CGU Student Fee.  The fee is used to fund and support your student portal, CGU e-mail, library services, administrative and support services, and physical plant infrastructure maintenance and development.  The Technology Fee, which has been increased to $75, supports campus labs, technology services, and technology infrastructure and development.

Effective immediately, the CGU Student Fee and the Technology Fee are assessed as follows.

  • When you are registered and enrolled for any term, including Summer
  • When you are approved for a leave of absence and elect to continue library and other services during your period away from your studies
  • Fee assessed to individuals in special standing categories, such as exchange students, visitors, and non-registered status

Cross-registered students from The Claremont Colleges are not assessed these fees since they already pay fees to their home campus.



Other Fee Changes and Clarifications

A number of miscellaneous fees apply only to those students whose transaction requests require special attention or handling as a result of non-compliance with certain deadlines.

Late Registration

Fee applies if you have not registered in at least one class by the registration deadline.

The registration deadline is announced by the registrar at the beginning of each registration period.  The deadline date is also posted in numerous locations, including on the registrar's web page, the instructions on how to Register for Classes, and the Academic Calendar.

This fee does not apply to new students during their first semester of enrollment.

Late Payment

Fee applies if you have not paid or made arrangements to pay tuition by the payment deadline.

The tuition payment deadline is a fixed date posted on the Student Accounts website.  Deadlines are August 26 for Fall, January 26 for Spring, and May 26 for Summer.

Enrollment Change

Fee applies when you make changes to your enrollment (class schedule) after the last Add/Drop deadline for the applicable session.

The last Add/Drop deadline is the first date when no refunds are available if you drop a course and dropping a course results in a W (Withdrawn) notation on your record.  Add/Drop deadlines are announced in the Academic Calendar.

This fee was formerly known as the Late Change Fee and was assessed after the first Add/Drop deadline of the applicable session.


It is important to note that the Late Registration Fee and the Late Payment Fee are different and distinct fees, each with its own deadline.

Other existing fees, not previously included in the Fee Schedule, are being added for comprehensive disclosure purposes.  These fees include the following.

Expedited Mailing Fee, used primarily for online transcript ordering.  No additional fees are charged for regular US Mail.  However, expedited services using either Federal Express or US Priority/Express Mail, are charged at $25 for domestic US destinations and $60 for international destinations.  Choice of delivery provider is made by CGU Mail Services.

Diploma Replacement Fee of $45 is charged when requesting replacement of a CGU diploma or issuance of a diploma in a new name.  Procedures are provided on the Diploma page.



Readmission Replaces Reinstatement

Effective Summer 2012, a new readmission process replaces the current reinstatement process.

The readmission process may be used if you meet all of the following qualifications.

  • You did not have an active student status in the prior semester.  Active student status means you were registered for the term or you were on an approved leave of absence.
  • You are returning to the same program in which you were enrolled during your last semester of enrollment.  If you wish to begin or apply to a new program, you must submit a new application and be processed through Admissions.
  • Your last semester of enrollment is no more than five calendar years from the date of your request.  If your last semester of enrollment is longer than five calendar years, you must reapply through Admissions.
  • You were not dismissed from CGU.

Complete procedures and a new form will be available on the Readmission page during Summer.  Some of the hallmarks of the new process include the following.

  • Applications must be made direct to the Registrar's Office.
  • Individual departments must approve the student's return to a program.
  • Outstanding financial obligations must be satisfied before an application for readmission is accepted.
  • Holds on your record must be addressed at the time of application.

The readmission process is intended to encourage you to complete your degree objectives and to create a more efficient process for both you and CGU.  A non-refundable fee of $250 is charged for readmission, replacing the former reinstatement fees.

Readmission applies to all requests received and dated on or after May 14, 2012.



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