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April 2010

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The Zine is CGU’s very first student publication that creates space for creative expression in the diverse voices that make up this community.

The GSC, led by Rachel Tie (Arts & Humanities), created the student publication, The Zine, in Fall 2009. In Spring 2010, Jan Michelle Andres (Arts & Humanities), building on Rachel’s work, took it to a new level establishing a web presence for The Zine. We still make print copies, but can keep print runs small to save costs and be mindful of our energy footprint, while reaching ALL of the CGU community of students, faculty and staff through the web version. The web version also allows you to share, comment and engage with The Zine and your peers.
So check it out, enjoy, and tell us what you think. WE’RE ALWAYS HUNGRY FOR FEEDBACK!

Can I get involved with The Zine?
Can I write for The Zine?
Can I have fun with The Zine?
… and most definitely YES!
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What is The Zine?

A space for students to express themselves in creative ways, through art, poetry, short stories, op-eds, feature articles, observations, cartoons … if you have an idea that can be put on a page, The Zine can probably contain it. Come talk to us about it.

Why The Zine?

A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) is the dimunitive of the word ‘magazine’, and is a self-published document, with a small circulation. Zines were traditionally produced in low-key, grassroots or underground fashion, often being handwritten or photocopied. These days page design software and cyberspace gives zines more options for publishing and distribution. But the spirit remains the same – it’s very grounded in the community it is made by and for.

Zines date, in the modern world of mass media, from the 1970s. But its history goes much further back to the pamphleteers who with their self-written and self-published documents dot the history of publishing from the time of Gutenberg, and Martin Luther’s famous theses. And in this country, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was a popular pamphlet, a zine if you will, that led to rather important directions for this nation.
Zines, in the form of leaflets and pamphlets expressing ideas, opinions, and creatively stirring thought, have influenced the minds of people the world over. Why not at CGU?