The Center for Women’s Interdisciplinary Research and Education

at Claremont Graduate University


Claremont Graduate University is at the forefront of women’s studies and transdisciplinary work with the goal of doing research that matters.  Having founded the first academic programs in women’s studies in religion and applied women’s studies, CGU has continually paved the way for exploring women’s issues in various contexts and completing research that impacts the lives of women on a global level.  In addition, CGU has demonstrated its commitment to cutting edge research by developing a focus in Transdisciplinary Studies and encouraging scholars to pursue interdisciplinary work that transcends academic boundaries.

The Center for Women’s Interdisciplinary Research and Education (WIRE) will continue this tradition by bringing together these areas to advance academic research within the field of women’s studies and through fusing scholarship and methodologies from a range of disciplines.

WIRE Mission: To advance scholarly, interdisciplinary, and transnational research focused on the status of women with the purpose of improving the lives of women and their families around the globe.

WIRE Objectives

   To promote and support innovative research in women’s studies with an interdisciplinary focus.

   To develop teaching resources, professional training opportunities, and public programs that further transdisciplinary research focused within women’s studies for various audiences including researchers, educators, students, media, entrepreneurs, government agencies, civil organizations, and the greater public.

   To develop and implement projects that promote interdisciplinary research in women’s studies and impacts the lives of women globally.

   Projects include:

    Women’s Living History Project: Recognizing the crucial role women play in society, WIRE strives to preserve women’s history through oral history.  WIRE will train CGU graduate students in the research methods of collecting and interpreting oral histories with the purpose of documenting and sharing women’s stories, acknowledging their lived experiences in relation to historical events and the impact women make in their communities.  This project will document the living history of women in various categories including activism, religion, film, business, politics, education, and literature.

   National Women’s History Museum Partnership (NWHM):  Collaborating with the NWHM, WIRE will curate exhibits highlighting the achievements of women throughout American history in an effort to preserve their “herstories.”

   The Motherhood Project: With the mission of examining the status of mothers in the Americas, this project seeks to expand on information gathered within the European Union by surveying mothers within the Americas with the purpose of presenting findings to the United Nations and impacting policies worldwide related to mothers and children whose lives are in a state of stress as a result of various social factors.

WIRE Collaboration: WIRE has collaborated with the following organizations on various projects:
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