Research Tools - Doctoral Students

Research tools are required for students enrolled in doctoral programs.  Students in Master's programs should consult their individual program requirements for guidance.


Reading proficiency in two approved foreign languages is generally required for a doctoral degree. You must demonstrate proficiency by either passing an exam, enrolling in a qualified course and receiving a grade B or better, or other acceptable and documented process.

In certain fields, the faculty of the discipline may accept course substitutions such as statistics, mathematics, and computer programming.  Consult with your department regarding any substitutions.

Your advisor and/or department oversees and guides your completion of research tools.


Verification and Documentation

Satisfaction of each required research tool is documentd on a Report of Research Tool Accomplished.  This form is completed by your department and submitted to the Registrar's Office. 

Research tools are recorded on your transcript under the Non-Course Milestones section.


Tools Completed Outside CGU

If you completed a research tool at another institution, you may petition to apply the tool to your CGU degree program.  Non-CGU tools must meet the following qualifications.

  • Transfer credit requirements apply - that is, graduate level achievement from an accredited institution and documented on an official transcript
  • In compliance with transfer credit policies, grades received in non-CGU coursework must be B or better
  • Tools completed at another institution must have been accomplished within three years of the date you of your petition

If you wish to transfer tools to your CGU degree program, be sure to petition your department as early as possible after you begin your studies at CGU to meet the three year requirement.  Submit your request as follows.

  • Complete an academic petition form.
  • Attach an official transcript that documents your completion of the tool.  If this information was included in the transcript you provided upon admission, you need not obtain a new transcript.  Simply indicate on the petititon that your official transcript is already on file.  Your department will make and attach a copy of that transcript to your petition.
  • Submit the petition to your department for approval and forwarding to the Registrar's Office.

Research tools are recorded on your CGU transcript.



Your department or the Registrar's Office.


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