Dissertation Procedures 

Your Dissertation Proposal and Advancement to Candidacy 

Doctoral students advance to candidacy when their dissertation proposals are approved by the student's dissertation committee.  Upon advancement to candidacy, students are ABD or "All But Dissertation."


You are ready to advance to candidacy and begin work on your dissertation if you meet all of the following qualifications as specified by your program.

You are responsible for program requirements in effect for the semester of your admission or last readmission, whichever is the most recent, and published in the CGU Bulletin for that academic year.

Doctoral Study Requirements

To maintain your student status, you must be registered for each semester of your career at CGU.  With the exception of Summer, which is not a required semester, you must enroll in Doctoral Study for every semester now until you graduate.  All registration deadline and Add/Drop deadlines apply.

If you are not registered for the semester, the Registrar's Office cannot accept or process reports of academic accomplishments, including all of the milestones you must complete to receive your degree.


Identifying Your Dissertation Committee

As you begin to refine a topic for your dissertation, you will identify an advisor who will chair your dissertation committee.  At the same time, you and your chair will identify members of The Claremont Colleges to comprise your committee.  A committee must be established and reported to the Registrar's Office on a Designation of Dissertation Committee form.  It is this committee which will approve your dissertation proposal and advance you to candidacy.

Be sure your dissertation committee complies with CGU policies and that any changes to your committee membership are reported to the Registrar's Office using a Declaration of Change in Committee Membership form.  Policies and procedures are provided on the Dissertation Committees page.  A separate Procedures for Committees page provides responsibilities and guidelines for your committee members. 

IMPORTANT On all approval forms submitted to the Registrar's Office, individual members of the committee must personally affix their own signatures or provide other written evidence of individual approval.  Such evidence may include written documentation faxed to the Registrar' Office at (909) 607-7285 or an e-mail from an institutional or professional domain.  If approval is provided by such documentation, "See attached" may be recorded on the signature line for the individual.  Under no circumstances may a committee chair, another member, or anyone else sign for a colleague.


Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is your written agreement with your committee about the requirements for your dissertation.  The content, organization, format, and length of the proposal are determined by your committee.

You and your chair determine when the proposal is ready for presentation to the committee and approval.  Review for approval should occur in a meeting  of the committee, where you and at least one member of the committee are physically present together in the same location.  All committee members must sign the Advancement to Candidacy form or offer evidence of their individual approval of your proposal.

A copy of the final version of your proposal, which is approved by your committee, must be attached to the Advanced to Candidacy form filed with the Registrar's Office.  Any changes to your dissertation proposal must be approved by all members of your committee and documented on a Declaration Change to Dissertation Proposal form.  A copy of the revised proposal must be attached to the form, which is filed with the Registrar's Office.



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