Dissertation Procedures

Formatting and Submitting Your Dissertation


Formatting Requirements

CGU guidelines for preparation of your dissertation are provided in Preparing Your CGU Dissertation/Thesis.  Note that the publication process is open to Master's students interested in publishing their theses.

When formatting your dissertation, make sure that one-inch margins are used throughout.  Page numbers, per the specified protocol detailed in Preparing Your CGU Dissertation/Thesis, should be placed at the bottom center of the page.  To assist with pagination of Word documents, the supplementary document on Paginating Your Dissertation is provided.


Submitting Your Manuscript Electronically

Dissertations and theses are published for CGU by ProQuest/UMI.  A national publisher of academic works, ProQuest has provided CGU with an Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) Administrator to manage the collection, review, and submission of manuscripts to ProQuest.  Documents submitted to the ETD are not eligible for publication until approved and released by CGU.

For you as the student author, the ETD provides you with the following benefits.

  • Lifetime access to your publisher even after you graduate - be sure to provide permanent address and e-mail address information
  • PDF coversion tool and other author resources
  • Secure storage of your manuscript until released for publication - including an ability to maintain private research or composition notes
  • Efficient collection of your author specifications, including copyright and embargos
  • E-mail notifications of all actions taken regarding your manuscript during the submission process
  • Publication of your manuscript in six weeks - the former paper process required a minimum of six months
  • Ability to order copies of your published dissertation
  • Publication and Microfilming/Binding fees are waived for electronic submissions

As you begin the ETD process, be sure to contact Scholarship@Claremont to arrange for inclusion in the library of academic scholarship at CGU as well as to initiate free, author services for tracking your published work.  See Your Published Dissertation/Thesis: Scholarship@Claremont.


Using the ETD

Go to CGU's ETD or type www.etdadmin.com/cgu into your browser.

Create your account early in the process of working on your dissertation.  This will allow you time to enter all author specifications, which can be changed before your dissertation is moved into the published stage.  In addition, you will have access to the many resources on dissertation composition available in the ETD.

The ETD is your personal author link to the publisher.  Only the student author can create and manager the account.  Further, ProQuest/UMI provides assistance to authors by answering questions and/or providing referrals to other resources.

Complete all author specifications requested by the ETD.  Your manuscript cannot be published unless the publisher has received your agreements and/or preferences regarding the option available to you.  Note that specifications can be changed at any time before your dissertation is sent to ProQuest by CGU.  Dissertation are published upon receipt by the Registrar's Office of the final version of the manuscript and all approval forms from the department.

Questions about the ETD or ETD Administrator can be directed to ProQuest/UMI, using the author contacts provided in the ETD itself.


Paper Submissions

While not encouraged, paper or hard copy submissions of manuscripts are accepted by the Registrar's Office on a case by case basis.  Payment of Publication and Microfiliming/Binding fees are required.

Contact the Registrar's Office for other guidelines.



Registrar's Office at student.records@cgu.edu or (909) 621-8285

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