2012 - 2013 SAH Dissertations

Spring 2013 | Fall 2012 | Summer 2012


Spring 2013

Jan Andres, English
Secrecy Through Excess: Strategies of Concealment in Cold War Literature and Film

Michele Buscher, Religion
Commission Impossible: The International Religious Freedom Act and its Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy with Particular Reference to Iraq and Burma, 1999-2012

Elise Edwards, Religion
A Theological Vision of the Ethical Function of Architecture: A Study of Moral Agency in the Built Environment

Nicholas Frederick, Religion
Line Within Line: An Intertextual Analysis of Mormon Scripture and the Prologue of the Gospel of John

Richard Hankins
, Religion
Confronting Genocide: Christianity and the Responsibility to Protect

Natalie Hewitt, English
"Something old and dark has got its way": Shakespeare's Influence in the Gothic Literary Tradition

Guy Holliday
, Music
Steven Bryant's Concerto for Wind Ensemble: Musical Analysis and Considerations for Conductors

Deena Lin, Religion
Renewing Apophasis in Theology: In Pursuit of a more Embodied Metaphysic

Elaine McLemore
, History
War in Words and Pictures: Photography and Aestheticization of Politics in Life Magazine, 1936-1972

Richard Miller
, Religion
Translation Fables in Hellenistic and Roman Antiquity and the Resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament Gospels

Quynh-Hoa Nguyen, Religion
Tin L
ành: The Bible and the Construction of an Evangelical Vietnamese Christian Identity (1975-2007)

Tyler Reeb, English
A Philosophy of Narrative Synthesis: Uniting Twenty-First Century Scholars Through Narrative

Lucas Schulte
, Religion
"My Shepherd… Though you do not Know Me" Persian Royal Propaganda and the Nehemiah Memoir

Jaime Valdovino
, Music
The Guitar in Los Angeles and Academia: 1920-1975

Fall 2012

Hans Gustafson, Religion

A Philosophy of Pansacramental and Symbolic Mediation Between Theology and the Study of Spirituality

Ka-Ying Ho
, Music

Women on the Podium: It's About Time

Mark Nelson
, History

Jumping the Abyss: Marriner S. Eccles and the New Deal, 1933-1940

Timothy Quandt
, Philosophy

Berkeley on Evil

Robert Tomlinson
, History

Narratives of the Lebanese Shi'a in the English-Language Press, 1975-1985

Victor Vargas
, English

Six Postures to Literary Enlightenment: In the Yogic Realms of Lawrence, Woolf and Yeats

Kathryn Wolford
, History

Infective Discourse: Printed Debates Concerning the Spread of Plague in Tudor and Stuart England

Theresa Yugar
, Religion

Sor Juana In
és De la Cruz: Feminist Reconstruction of Biography and Text

Summer 2012

Jin Cholee, Religion

Gender Analysis of Politics, Economics and Culture of Korean Reunification: Toward a Feminist Theological Foundation for Reunified Society 

Mary Gennuso
, Religion

A Critical Analysis and Defense of John Hick's Philosophy of Religious Pluralism 

Deidre Green
, Religion

Works of Love in a World of Violence: Feminism, Kierkegaard, and the Limits of Self-Sacrifice 

Isamu Horiuchi
, Cultural Studies

Stylizing, Commodifying, and Disciplining Real Bodies: An Examination of WWE Wrestling 

Hochul Kwak
, Religion

Rights of Concrete Others: Ethics of Concrete Others, Social Individuality, and Social Multiculturalism 

Paula McGee
, Religion

The Wal-Martinzation of African-American Religion T.D. Jakes and Woman Thou Art Loosed 

Michael McGowan
, Religion

The Bridge: Divine Revelation and Its Implications 

Michael Rodgers
, Religion

Wittgenstein and Nietzsche on the role of Philosophy: Description, Creativity, Naturalism, and Possibility 

Jenny Soonjin Kim
, Music

Laurent Gervais' Méthode pour l'accompagnement du clavecin:A Translation with Commentary 

Siliveinusi Tiueti
, Religion

The Crossing of the Jordan (Joshua 3:1-5:1): A Study in Narrative Criticism and Translation Technique of the Septuagint

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