Christina Vega
ARTS MANAGEMENT | Monterey Park, California, USA
BA Film & Social Justice, BA Sociology, Mount St. Mary’s College. Los Angeles, California

Executive Assistant, Teaching and Administration, Semillas Del Pueblo Community Schools
I have not only learned how to administer an organization's finances and accounting, but how to lead a staff and work effectively with a board.
Why did you choose the Drucker School?
I chose the Drucker school to pursue my Masters of Arts Management degree because I knew I was going to learn applicable skills in non-profit management in the arts. I first became aware of this when I attended the "The 2012 Arts Enterprise National Summit: "The Creative Economy and You," as a prospective student. I left this summit with new knowledge on career strategies, entrepreneurial skills, and how to build a network in the arts field.

During this time, I also participated in an activity with arts management students, that was directed by CGU Arts Management Director Laura Zucker. Laura Zucker challenged all participants to think outside of the box and create original ideas for an arts program to present. I made new friends from the arts management program and got to enjoy an astounding dance performance, during this Summit. I got to experience the best of both worlds: business and art.

My decision to attend the Drucker School was reinforced when CGU's Assistant Director of Admissions, Diana Luna genuinely guided me through the admissions process.

Lastly, I knew I wanted to stay in Los Angeles so I wanted to build a network of arts professionals here in the Los Angeles area.

How has the program benefited you so far?
The program has benefited me so far in that I have learned management and leadership skills in the arts non-profit sector. I have not only learned how to administer an organization's finances and accounting, but how to lead a staff and work effectively with a board. In addition, my latest knowledge in arts and cultural policy has opened up a new interest in my career path; to be involved in creating arts policies in my own community and to be involved with the National Endowment of the Arts.

Moreover, I have connected with guest speakers that professors invite to our class, to establish professional relationships since I am interested in working at the arts organization where they are employed.

I have made invaluable friendships with my classmates, who are also practicing artists, career-oriented and share my similar goals in the arts. Lastly, it is also priceless to have my professors, who have careers at arts organizations, encourage us students to attend their organizations' art openings, theatre performances, cultural festivals, and local concerts in Los Angeles.

Describe your experience in the classroom and the caliber of the professors.
In the classroom, I have experienced everything from class discussions to group project brainstorming, and inventive strategies from students to and knowledge and professional practices from professors. My experience, so far, has been rewarding in that when I graduate I will feel extremely prepared to take on large scale projects that require intensive research and team effort skills.

The caliber of teaching at CGU Drucker School is excellent. All of the professors have many years of knowledge and experience in their field, as well as have effective teaching styles.

What are your career goals?
A career goal of mine is to work as a Visual and Performing Arts specialist for a school district. I hope to create programs that allow youth to have access to a quality arts education.

My ultimate career goal is to build a non-profit arts education organization for high school youth in a low-income community. I would like to prepare youth to pursue the arts professionally, and provide them with art classes of art disciplines that directly relate to an arts-related career.

How will your Drucker degree help you further your career?
My Drucker degree will help me further my career because of the things I will take from it such as my education, networks, and experience.

Describe your internship experience.
I have gotten a job at the American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) in Pomona, CA and I am having an outstanding professional experience. Everything I am learning in school directly relates to my work responsibilities and enhances my performance. I have developed and implemented a business plan for the Museum Store. Additionally, I connect and make contracts with upcoming ceramic artists to sell their art work in the Museum Store. I have also created arts education tools for our docents and facilitated set up for new exhibitions.

What are your favorite spots around Claremont?
My favorite spots around Claremont are Mount Baldy for the beautiful hike, Eureka Burger for the burgers and beer, and lastly, Sprouts for the healthy organic food.

What has been your most memorable experience at the Drucker School?
My most memorable experience at the Drucker School, so far, is being in a study room full of my Arts Management classmates, (who are not typically used to using the left side of our brain) to help each other try and understand how to budget and create a cash flow, statement of financial position and activities, and balance sheet and general ledger for my Finance and Accounting for Non-profits class.
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