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The information on this page is meant to provide links to resources and forms for completion of the various requirements toward your degree.  Not all of the requirements on this page may apply to your specific program, so be sure to consult the degree requirements for your individual program.  Before using any forms, please review the policies and procedures pages to avoid processing delays.

CGU policy requires you to maintain your student status throughout your career at CGU, from enrollment in courses through the completion of exams, internships, theses, and/or all degree requirements.  Joint program students should be aware of additional requirements because of their joint program status. 

Completion of Degree Requirements

Consult the degree requirements for your individual program.  Various options may be available to you for achieving different milestones.



Not all programs require composition of a thesis.  In some cases, a critique, publishable paper, or final project may be required.  Always consult the degree requirements for your individual program.

If you must complete a thesis, please be aware of the following.

  • Formatting Protocols.  The formatting rules and guidelines for doctoral dissertations apply.  Use Preparing Your Dissertation/Thesis as the basic guidance document, consulting with your thesis committee about any requirements that may be specific to your discipline.
  • Publication.  Theses are not regularly published by CGU.  However, student authors may wish to consider publication as a strategy for academic and professional exposure.  The Formatting and Submitting Your Dissertation page provides guidelines for submitting your thesis electronically to the Registrar's Office. In addition, refer to Your Published Dissertation: Scholarship@Claremont about being included in the CGU library of academic publications.

As with dissertations, theses submitted for publication are not released to ProQuest/UMI, our publisher, until a Final Approval Form is received by the Registrar's Office.


Final Approval and Graduation Requirements

You will have completed your degree program when all of your grades have been recorded and the Registrar's Office has received the Final Approval MA/Certificates form from your department.

Note that regardless of the date you complete your degree requirements, CGU confers degrees only once each semester.  The degree conferral date is announced in the Academic Calendar and is usually the last day of the semester.

To be eligible for your degree, additional requirements apply.

  • You must be registered for the semester in which you complete your degree requirements--either enrolled in courses or in Continuous Registration.  An exception is made for Summer graduates provided you were enrolled in the previous Spring semester.
  • You must submit your Intent to Receive a Degree form to the Registrar's Office by the deadline announced in the Academic Calendar and on the Degree Completion Checklist page.



Registrar's Office at or (909) 621-8285

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