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Chelsi Dimm, Philosophy and Africana Studies

Photo of Chelsi Dimm"My name is Chelsi Dimm and I have just finished my first year as a Philosophy and Africana Studies student at Claremont Graduate University."

"I attended a high school which was very strong in the sciences. This was so because they taught both the experimental method and theories, but they also taught the history of theories. This history of ideas has been the motivating factor behind most of my education. I attended Boston University for two years and there I studied Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. During my time  in the program, I found the lecturers were focusing on the practice of science for the aim of technical advancements. I found myself more interested in how the science that was practiced related to the society at whole. Who was rich enough to pay for the medicine I was studying to make. Would those who had less money have the choice or access to a remedy. I was also interested in the potential side effects, and if/how they were deemed less harmful. These questions were not touched upon until I took up the study of philosophy at Bloomsburg University. In a Postmodern Philosophy course and in a Medical Ethics course I was introduced to and was able to have meaningful dialogues on my inquiries.  The rest of my undergraduate education at Bloomsburg University  focused on philosophy, with substantive science and social science electives."

"My senior year I went on a faculty led trip to Cameroon and Ethiopia. At the time i just saw this trip as a way to visit a new country that I would not have visited by myself, and gain university credits. I gained much more from this trip than I had expected. I kept a very detailed journal while there and  was invited back for a second time to do research. I had taken many political science courses to this date, and was familiar with multinationals and their operations from my studies. I was able to integrate this with my experience in Cameroon by speaking to women in many walks of life in the country; farmers, market workers, factory workers. I was also able to meet chiefs of villages around Cameroon to talk about Local and national politics. I am now drafting a paper on the conceptions and misconceptions faced interculturally; specifically between multinationals and Cameroon society. I also hope to articulate with the help of women and gender studies at the University of Buea and the University of Yaounde the traditional role of women in society. Then, from my research,I will articulate how the imposition of multinationals is changing that role. Other themes that will inevitably be address in the paper include the Cameroon conception of environment as home, rather than resource  and land 'ownership' in the United States and Cameroon."

"This trip broadened my interests to include the cultural and lived aspects of the historical ideas and how those lived experiences shape interactions between groups with different ideas (metaphysics and epistemologies and ethics). In order to study these lived aspects, I believe it is necessary to have a strong philosophical background. The philosophical background helps me to untangle and differentiate subtly different ideas. It also helps me to note the similariies between ideas which seem to be completely contradictory, but upon analysis share key similarities. Without the background in philosophy, this work would become disorganized, at least."

"This history brings me to today. I am writing my biography from Jaipur, India. I am studying with the International School for Jain Studies this summer. I am here to learn about the ancient eastern (as we now draw the boundary between east and west)  ancient western systems of thought. I hope to again study the history of the ideas that we have inherited and believe today; this time through the relation of Eastern and Western Ancient philosophies."

"I am very glad to be attending Claremont Graduate  University because my professors have been going the distance to make sure I am able to articulate my ideas and they help to connect me to other professors and scholars who share my interests."

"While I was an undergraduate and graduate I have been active in the debate team and philosophy club. I have organized a conference at CGU in Early Modern philosophy. I hope in the future to continue organizing a conference each semester and to be active in campus life."


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