Travel Awards FAQ

For the Travel Awards Guidelines click here.

For my application, do I need to submit a recommendation from my professor?

NO. Professor recommendations are not needed and should not be submitted, as the applications are scored on the applicant's essay. Therefore, recommendations will not be considered.
I do not use my CGU email. Can I submit my application using another email account?
YES. You can use another email account. However, for the student certification part of the application (Section 4), you will need to send a scanned signed copy of that section along with your Word document application.
If I am sending a scanned signed copy of section 4 of the application, what file types do you accept?
We will accept the following image/document types for this section only: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, MDI.
Note: The rest of your application will need to be sent as a Word Document.
Where do I mail my application?
GSC does not accepting physical applications!! Please email your application to
I have not attended my event yet, can I send my application?
NO. You should not submit your application until you have attended the event. Also, a strong essay would mention the relevance from participating in or attending the event.