Core Faculty

Gondy Leroy - Associate Professor

PhD, University of Arizona

I began my education with experimental, cognitive psychology (a Bachelor's and Master's degree) but then switched to information technology (Master's and PhD degree) because of the many exciting academic and professional opportunities this field offers. I especially enjoy the opportunity to study as well as affect people's interaction with information technology.

When I joined CGU in 2003, I founded the Intelligent Systems Lab ( where we design, develop and evaluate algorithms and systems. All our projects have a positive, societal focus and our goal is to improve people's lives either directly or indirectly. For example, we work on algorithms for web sites that can help people better understand online health information, which is often too difficult for people without medical knowledge to understand. We also develop software to help autistic children communicate better and we are working on a website that will help detectives interview witnesses of crimes.

The Center for Information Systems and Technology is a research intensive school and I encourage students I work with to get involved in research as soon as possible. My students work on projects in teams. I have them publish as first author in journals and at conferences, e.g., AMIA, HICSS, DGO, and several IEEE conferences among others. Being a research assistant in the Intelligent Systems Lab means that you are involved in research from the start, not grading exams or homework. This early research involvement translates into more publications and prepares you for an outstanding career after you graduate.

CGU CISAT will provide you with excellent opportunities to do serious research with a positive impact on society.

Dr. Leroy's CV