Core Faculty

Terry Ryan - Professor

PhD, Indiana University

When I left the corporate world long ago to become an IS&T researcher, I hoped to become part of a community of scholars and do worthwhile research. Since I've been at CISAT, I've been able to realize both those hopes. I have found exceptional colleagues and students here, a small community of researchers who are well-connected to various world-wide communities of information systems and technology scholars. Whether I've been studying software development or social learning support, I've found others here at CISAT to work with.

My research and teaching has long been concerned with how people communicate about and with information technology. Lorne Olfman and I have been running the Social Learning Software Lab (SL2) for several years now, working with students and visiting researchers on the design and implementation of tools to promote social learning in all its forms. In addition, I've been privileged to work with current and former students, colleagues, and visitors on other projects that have kept me excited about arriving every day for work.

CISAT is a great place to be an IS&T researcher and student. It's part of an excellent small university, in a beautiful and comfortable town, next to one of the coolest cities in the world. Students here study some of the hottest topics in IS&T, including Health Informatics and GIS. Researchers here pursue some of the most important IS&T research questions being tackled anywhere. In all, I have a hard time imagining any place I'd rather be. If you are interested in a really high-quality education that's informed by great research, you're looking at the right place.

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