Core Faculty

Samir Chatterjee - Professor

PhD, University of Central Florida

As an engineer by training, I like to design and build things. While completing my graduate education in computer science, I became interested in designing software artifacts that could solve real human problems. Since joining CGU CISAT in 2001, my main research focus has been in the design, implementation and testing of networking protocols and telecommunication software. CGU has provided me the benefit of drawing upon the expertise of several colleagues and their disciplines and hence today, the research projects my students and I are involved in are highly inter-disciplinary.

In 2002, I founded the Network Convergence Laboratory (NCL) (renamed the IDEA Laboratory - Innovations Design Empowerment Applications). Our work integrates various aspects of social science, evaluation methods and technology building. For example, one of the projects we are launching is focused on designing interactive mobile software applications to persuade positive human behavior change. We are particularly targeting chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes as these ailments are largely made worse due to poor eating and exercise habits. This requires expertise in behavior change theories, context-aware server design and wireless networking.

The students in our program bring valuable industry experience, maturity and diligence to the research projects they are involved in. Though many of our students are full-time professionals attending part-time, the experience and insights they bring to the classroom and research are quite valuable. CGU's small scale, family-like environment and collegial surrounding makes it an excellent place to work and do research. In addition, I think the fact that we are all striving hard to make this world a better place through research truly sets our school apart from other technology based programs.

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