Program Concentrations

The MSIST allows four courses for specialization in a sub-field of IS&T. We offer seven specialization options. Each student is required to take the cornerstone course (marked by an asterisk) for their specialization and three related courses such as those suggested below.

 Concentration Required Courses Specializations Faculty
1. GIS Solution Development IS 370: GIS Essential Concepts * Dr. Brian Hilton
IS 371: Intro. To GIS Solution Development
IS 372: Adv. GIS Solution Development
IS 373: GIS Practicum
2. Cyber Security & Crisis Management IST 338: Adv. Software Development Tools Dr. Samir Chatterjee & Dr. Tamir Bechor
IST 339: Adv. Comm. & Networking Tools
IST 335: Cryptography & Computer Security *
Any Approved Practicum or Elective
3. Social Technologies IST 336: Social Technologies * Dr. Lorne Olfman & Dr. Terry Ryan
IST 337: Web Design
IST 320: Knowledge Mgmt & Social Media
Any Approved Practicum or Elective
4. Health Informatics
HIM 350: Introduction to Health Informatics * Dr. Samir Chatterjee
HIM 351: Project Mgmt for Health Informat.
HIM 352: Statistics for Health Informatics
Any Approved Practicum or Elective
5. Self-Designed Concentration Course 1: Any Approved Elective Dr. Tom Horan
Course 2: Any Approved Elective
Course 3: Any Approved Elective
Any Approved Elective or Practicum