Educational Evaluation

Co-Concentration in Educational Evaluation (48 units)

DBOS Required Core Courses (16 units)

Psych 302a Research Methods (4 units)
Psych 315a Foundations of Evaluation (2 units)
Psych 315z Comparative Evaluation Theory (4 units)
Psych 354b Evaluation Procedures I (4 units)
Psych 414 Evaluation Procedures II (2 units)


Education Core Courses (16 units)

Under the guidance of an advisor, who will be informed about the student’s career plans, any 4 four-unit courses in education, with the exception of courses from the teacher education credential program (TEIP) will be accepted. Students can combine higher education courses with courses in PK-12 or students can specialize in higher education or PK-12.


Statistical Methods (8 units)

Psych 308a: Intermediate Statistics (2 units)
Psych 308b: Categorical Data Analysis (2 units)
Psych 308c: ANOVA (2 units)
Psych 308d: Applied Multiple Regression (2 units)
ED 465 Quantitative Research Methods (4 units)
ED 467 Applied Multivariate Analysis (4 units)


Optional Electives (8 units)

ED 473 Qualitative Inquiry: Theory, Models and Methods 4 units
Psych 315q: Advanced Qualitative Methods 4 units
Psych 315c: Mixed Methods 2 units
Psych 315k: Data Presentation 2 units
Psych 315j: Survey Design 4 units
Psych 315w: Quasi-experimental Methods 4 units
Psych 315bb: Cost Benefit Analysis 2 units
ED 462 Governance and Change in Higher Education 4 units
ED 438 Learning & Pedagogical Theories 4 units
ED 461 College Student Experience 4 units
ED 699 Educating Minority Students in Urban Schools 4 units
ED 650 Federal Higher Education Policy 4 units
ED 665 What Works: Effective Schools and Classrooms 4 units
ED 676 The Politics of Urban School Reform 4 units
ED 581 The Education of Immigrant Youth 4 units