History Program

History Faculty

Core Faculty

The History Department is composed of faculty whose appointments are directly in the department with the exception of one university appointment. Janet Brodie, Lori Anne Ferrell, Joshua Goode, and Robert Dawidoff hold faculty appointments in the History Department. Linda Perkins holds an interdisciplinary university appointment in the departments of Applied Women's Studies, Educational Studies and History. 

Joshua Goode, Chair, History

Robert Dawidoff, History

Janet Farrell Brodie, History

Lori Anne Ferrell, English and History
Director, Program in Early Modern Studies


University Professor

Linda Perkins, Applied Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, Educational Studies, and History


Research and Emeritus Professors

Robert Dawidoff, Professor of History, Emerita

Daniel Lewis, Research Associate Professor of History


Adjunct Faculty

William Jones, European Social and Political History


Active Faculty of the Claremont Colleges

Hal S. Barron, U.S. Social History and Immigration History
Harvey Mudd College

Shane Bjornlie, History
Claremont McKenna College

Marianne de Laet, Anthropology and Science, Technology, and Society
Harvey Mudd College

Cindy Forster, History
Scripps College

P. Edward Haley, Government
Claremont McKenna College

Melinda Herrold-Menzies, Environmental Studies
Pitzer College

Carina Johnson, History
Pitzer College

Gary Kates, History
Pomona College

Charles A. Lofgren, U.S. Constitutional and Modern Political History
Claremont McKenna College

April Mayes, History
Pomona College

Stuart McConnell, American Social and Cultural History
Pitzer College

Char Miller, Environmental Studies
Pomona College

Richard G. Olson, History of Science, Scientific and Political Thought in the West, and the Englightenment
Harvey Mudd College

Albert Park, History
Claremont McKenna College

Jonathan Petropoulos, European History and Holocaust Studies
Claremont McKenna College

Frances Pohl, Art and Art History
Pomona College

Diana Selig, Modern American History
Claremont McKenna College

Victor Silverman, History
Pomona College

Miguel Tinker-Salas, History and Chicano Studies
Pomona College

Karen Torjesen, Religion
Claremont Graduate University

Kenneth B. Wolf, History
Pomona College

Samuel H. Yamashita, History
Pomona College

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