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Welcome to the home page of the CGU Philosophy program! Here you can learn about the kind of program we are, the sorts of students we’ve designed the program for, and the degrees we offer. We are especially interested in students who need more training in philosophy to be competitive in applying to Ph.D. programs elsewhere; over the years, students who have earned M.A. degrees here have been quite successful in gaining admission into Ph.D. programs elsewhere that are strong in their areas of interest. We also welcome students who became interested in philosophy late in their undergraduate careers, and students who wish to round off their work in philosophy before going on to business or law school.

We aim to provide our students with a high quality, historically grounded education covering the major figures and themes in the history of Western philosophy and the major systematic areas of philosophy proper. Faculty from the other Claremont Colleges and from the Claremont School of Theology teach philosophy students, affording a diversity of contemporary perspectives and methodological approaches to the ancient, modern, and contemporary periods of this tradition.

CGU is a small, graduate-only institution with a commitment to seminar-style learning. As a result, philosophy classes are small: graduate courses rarely have more than twelve students, and seminars typically range from six to ten students. Students are expected to work closely with their professors in all aspects of their course work. Students are also encouraged to pursue interests they may have in areas outside philosophy.  In addition, the School of Arts and Humanities also offers Graduate Certificates available to all CGU students.

The program offers two Master of Arts degrees and one Doctor of Philosophy degree:



Applications for fall admission should be received by February 1. Applications received after this date will be evaluated on a space-available basis.  (For complete information on applying to the Philosophy graduate program at Claremont Graduate University, please visit the Prospective Students section of this website.)

To apply to the Philosophy Program at Claremont Graduate University,  please use the following links:

For more information on the Philosophy programs at CGU and how to apply, please contact the Admissions Coordinator for the School of Arts and Humanities via email or phone (909) 621-8612.


Financial Aid

Institutional financial assistance is available in the form of fellowships. Applications submitted by February 1 have priority for the awarding of aid, although aid may be awarded to late applicants on the basis of available funds.

Federal aid, in the form of loans and work study, is awarded on the basis of financial need. In addition, students may actively seek opportunities for financial support which might be available to them from foundations and other institutions.  For more information on funding opportunities for Arts and Humanities students, click here.

You may, also, contact the Office of Student Financing, Claremont Graduate University, 160 East 10th Street, Claremont, CA 91711, by telephone 909.621.8337, by fax: 909.607.7285, or by email:


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