Faculty Paper Series
Department of Politics and Policy

Heather Campbell

Helping Those Like Us or Harming Those Unlike Us:
Illuminating Social Processes Leading to Environmental Injustice


Dean E. McHenry, Jr.

The Role of the Ugandan Courts in the 2006 Elections:
The Significance of Local and International Support for Judicial Independence

Are Unity and Human Rights Compatible?
The Continuing Impact of the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar on Human Rights

Parliaments in India: Is There Order Midst the Chaos?

Is Economic Inequality a Foundation of Separatist Identity?
An Examination of Successful and Unsuccessful Movements in India

Do Elections Foster Separatism?
The Case of Telangana

Why Don’t They Use Just Words?
Accounting for Indian Political Protest on the Streets and in Parliament

Jennifer L. Merolla

Bring It On: An Experimental Study of Crisis, Leadership, and Vote Choice

Determinants of Defection: The Effect of Information Signals on Strategic Voting.

It is Not Easy Being Green: Minor Party Lables as Heuristic Aids.

Jean R. Schroedel
U.S. Response to HIV/AIDS in Africa: Bush as a Human Rights Leader?

Finding Her Voice: Hillary Clinton’s Rhetoric in the 2008 Presidential Campaign

" Financial Regulation in the United States: Lessons from History." Public Administration Review,
Volume 69, Issue 4 (p 603-612)

“Gender Relations and Institutional Conflict Over Mifepristone.” (With Tanya Corbin).
Women & Politics (Volume 24, Number 3, 2002): 35-59.
“Assessing Medical Abortion in the US: One Year After the FDA Approval of Mifepristone.”
Women & Politics (Volume 24, Number 3, 2002): 1-11.
“The Paradox of Protestantism and Women in Elected Office in the United States.”
“Transforming Gender: Women Presidential Candidates, Women's issues, and the Role of
Institutional Gendering in Women's Chances to Win the Presidency.”


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