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2014 Spring - TNDY
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Units Mod Course Instructor Days Time Location Notes Description
TNDY 401I 3400 1 4   The Nature of Inquiry: Researching Indigeneity
Jacek Kugler M 7:00PM - 9:50PM Stauffer 106 The purpose of this course is to introduce students to alternative ways of approaching the research more »
TNDY 403I 3396 1 4   Crisis Management
Jean Lipman-Blumen Tu 1:00PM - 3:50PM Burkle 12 This course will examine both contemporary theories and practice in preventing and managing crises. more »
TNDY 404S 3349 1 4   e-Learning
Lorne Olfman Th 4:00PM - 6:50PM Academic Computing 214 The purpose of this course is to explore in depth the concept of electronic (also called online) lea more »
TNDY 404T 3393 1 4   Religion, Empowerment, Nationalism & Islamic Feminism
Sallama Shaker Tu 4:00PM - 6:50PM IAC Library The course challenges the “Orientalist” narratives in the West about women’s passive role in the Mid more »
TNDY 404U 3402 1 4   Energy and the Environment
Hal Nelson M 4:00PM - 6:50PM Stauffer 110 "Deja vu all over again." Energy is back in the headlines for the first time since the early 1980's more »