Math PhD student Aisha Najera Chesler received a conference award from the NSF-funded national Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) at Ohio State University, for her poster on Heart Rate and EEG modeling during labor: predicting fetal distress at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Earlier, she was awarded a 2013-14 Dissertation Fellowship from the American Association of University Women.  See related news item in the Orange County Breeze.

UCLA Applied Mathematics Professor Andrea Bertozzi, a longstanding collaborator and friend of IMS, was awarded an honorary doctorate at the 2014 CGU Commencement. At the Commencement Forum, Professor Bertozzi spoke of mathematics as the mechanism for translating innovation into practice, in the era of big data where previously qualitative disciplines are increasingly confronted with mathematical challenges.

Emeritus Professor Ellis Cumberbatch's 80th birthday was recognized by a symposium on May 10, 2014, attended by over 70 participants, honoring his innumerable contributions: A Journey through Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Celebrating the 80th Birthday of Ellis Cumberbatch.  Happy birthday, Ellis!

Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez, who received his PhD from CGU in 1991, has been elected Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).  This award recognizes his distinguished contributions in mathematical epidemiology of infectious diseases and in mathematics applied to industry problems.  Dr. Velasco-Hernandez is a Professor of Mathematics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Mohamed El-Doma, who received his PhD from CGU in 1986, published the book Daphnia: Biology and Mathematics Perspectives. The book introduces and analyzes size-structured population dynamics models for several species of Daphnia, which are small planktonic crustaceans, while also describing biological features of these organisms. Dr. El-Doma is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Khartoum in Sudan.

Lu Zhu is CGU’s first student to graduate with a PhD in Financial Engineering.  She starts a tenure-track faculty position at the University of Wisconsin in Fall 2014.

Engineering & Industrial Applied Math PhD student Shahab Taherian, together with his InFluidS design team, won CSULB's annual Innovation Challenge for their creation of a non-invasive diagnostic tool for pulmonary physicians. The team was awarded $10,000 in seed money and up to $40,000 for additional services in starting a business to commercialize this tool. Earlier, Shahab won first place in the 2013 CSULB Annual Student Research Competition.
Computational Sciences PhD student Anna Ma won an Outstanding Presentation Award for her poster at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
Engineering & Industrial Applied Math PhD student Jody Shu was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society.
Senior Research Fellow Dr. Alpan Raval published the book Introduction to Biological Networks, together with Dr. Animesh Ray at Keck Graduate Institute.
Professor Marina Chugunova was awarded a Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians from the Simons Foundation.
Computational Sciences PhD student Cristina Garcia-Cardona won the Best Student Paper Award at the 2nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition Methods and Applications (ICPRAM 2013), for her paper with Visiting Scholar Arjuna Flenner and Professor Allon Percus on "Multiclass diffuse interface models for semi-supervised learning on graphs."