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The variety of events taking place at the Claremont Colleges and around the Los Angeles basin give students a tremendous range of social, cultural and sports activities from which to choose.

Leisure Activities
Students at the Drucker School have access to the facilities of the Claremont University Consortium. Students enjoy various sports like swimming, tennis, basketball, racquetball, soccer, squash or working out in gym. Locations for skiing, hiking, biking in the mountains, or swimming and surfing in the Pacific Ocean are all within an hour drive of campus. In addition, Claremont's proximity to downtown Los Angeles affords students the opportunity to explore one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States.

Student Organizations

There are a variety of student clubs on campus that provide our students with opportunities to apply tools learned in the classroom to real world situations, while having fun. In addition to the Drucker School Student Association (DSSA), which is the student administrative body, other clubs include those listed below.

Drucker School Student Association (DSSA)
The DSSA strives to understand the needs of the Drucker community, and works to meet those needs through planning and executiion, as well as collaboration and coordination with administration, the 7 Claremont Colleges, students clubs, alumni, and outside parties.

Student Clubs

Finance and Investment Club
The purpose of the Finance and Investment Club is to expose interested students to the various areas of the finance industry, to build on knowledge gained in their academic experiences, and to assist in preparing them for the transition to the job market.

Drucker Hiking and Outdoor Society
Mission Statement: To bring together the entire Drucker community to network and socialize outside in a fun and casual environment.
Goals/Objectives: To go on new and challenging hikes; (Bi)annual camping trip(s); community service; tackling new challenges (rock climbing, ragnar, kayaking, ropes course, cliff diving, skiing, snowboarding, etc.)

Marketing Club
The Drucker Marketing Club was formed in the year 2000 to provide insights into the marketing field through informal lectures, seminars, and events.  Since a significant part of learning in the MBA program takes place outside the classroom, the Marketing Club strives to stimulate thought and opinion through discussions and lectures presented by professionals in the marketing industry.

Management Consulting Association
The Management Consulting Association seeks to achieve maximum exposure for the Drucker Ito School in the consulting industry by establishing close, professional relationships with members in the consulting industry.

Drucker Net Impact
Our mission is to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to build a socially and environmentally sustainable society through outstanding executive leadership. Our club supports the Drucker philosophy that business leaders have an ethical responsibility to make a positive difference in institutions which they touch, and we strive to offer students an environment in which to practice these values. Drucker Net Impact is a chapter of the national Net Impact organization. For more information on the national group, please visit

Philanthropy and Community Service Club
Our mission is to explore the ways we as individuals and business people can give back to society and to actively effect positive change in our community while students.

Women in Leadership
The Drucker Women in Leadership Association (WILA) encourages the professional and leadership development of women graduate students at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). WILA supports the development of women through Speaker Series events, the Annual WILA Conference, and other networking events with women leaders.

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