Mail and Duplicating Procedures and Pricing

Mail and Duplicating Procedures


U.S. and Campus Mail

          Separate all campus mail (CGU and other colleges) from U.S. and International mail.  Please place mail in the Mailboxes that are provided in the mailroom.

          All campus mail should be addressed with the NAME, DEPARTMENT, and COLLEGE the mail is going to.

          If you cannot use a campus mail envelope, envelopes must be marked CAMPUS MAIL. This will keep campus mail from being misdirected or from having postage paid on it.

          Personal mail should be separate and clipped with your name on it. If mail cannot be identified by sender, it will be put in our dead letter box.

          Mark ALL international mail and separate it from U.S. mail. Marking international mail will help cut down on postage mistakes and get the mail out in a timely manner.

          Please inform the mailroom staff of ANY changes in personnel (faculty or staff). In order to deliver the mail correctly and promptly, the mailroom staff will need to be kept up-to-date on personnel changes for each department. 



          A 10-day advance notice is required when your department will be sending out a large mailing of 200 pieces or more. The mailroom may not have the postage for a large mailing if they are not notified in advance.



          Advanced notice is required if the photocopying is 1,000 or more copies.   Please leave it with the mailroom staff so that the proper amount is charged to your account. The rate for 1,000 or more copies is 4 cents per copy.



          Inform the mailroom staff of ANY account changes for postage or copying, including new accounts being established, old accounts being closed. 


Mailroom Rates: effective July 1, 2004


Copies:    Under 1000 copies              $.06 each page

                Over   1000 copies              $.04 each page

                Transparencies                    $.58 each


Color:  Under 50 copies        $.65 each page

Color:  Over 50 copies     $.50 each page

Oversize Color copies    8 1/4 x 11 and above $1.00 each - any amount

Color Transparencies          $1.20 each page



Binding:   Heat:        Small Book            $1.60     

                                Medium Book         $2.00                                      

                                Large Book         $2.90

Comb:     Small Book             $1.50

Medium Book        $2.00

Large Book           $2.70               


                Plastic Covers         additional $.20 each
Black Covers           additional $.20 each

                Card Stock Covers  additional $.10 each

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