Recent Hebrew Bible PhD Graduates

  • Johnson Maigua Kimuhu (2007)
    Incest in the Ancient Near East: The Priestly Law & the Polarization of Israel Against Her Neighbors
  • Kevin James Mellish (2006)
    David and Solomon in an International Context: Foreign Influence on the United Monarchy
  • Matthew Alan Thomas (2006)
    These Are the Generations: Identity, Promise and The Toledot Formula
  • James D. Findlay (2005)
    A Study of the Biblical Characteristics of Aaron
  • Petronella Simone Verwijs (2004)
    The Peshitta and Syro-Hexapla Translations of Amos 1:3--2:16
  • Serge Frolov (2002)
    1 Samuel 1-7: In Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives
  • Seokgyu Jung (2001)
    The Judicial System in Ancient Israel: A Synchronic and Diachronic Reading of Exodus 18:1-27, Deuteronomy 16:18-17:20 and 2 Chronicles 19:1-11
  • Yohan Pyeon (2001)
    ‘You have not spoken what is right about me’: Intertextuality in the Book of Job
  • Kenneth Gordon Stenstrup (2001)
    King Manasseh in Early Judaism and Christianity: A Consideration of Text, Context and Hermeneutic in Protrayals of King Manasseh in Jewish and Christian Scripture and Related Literature Prior to the mid-Fifth Century C.E.
  • Aaron Park (1999)
    Composition and Transmission of the Book of Amos: With Special Attention to Amos 5:25-27 and 9:11-15
  • Randy Haney (1999)
    "And All Nations Shall Serve Him": Text and Concept Analysis in Royal Psalms
  • David Palmer (1999)
    Text and Concept in Exodus 1:1-2:25: A Case Study in Exegetical Method
  • Eric Morrison (1999)
    A Form-Critical Study of Assyrian Royal Inscriptions Containing Building Texts
  • Won Woo Lee (1998)
    Punishment and Forgiveness in Israel's Migratory Campaign: The Macrostructure of Numbers  10:11-36:13
  • Deborah Lynn Ellens (1998)
    A Comparison of the Conceptualization of Women in the Sex Laws of Leviticus and in the Sex Laws of Deuteronomy
  • David Gordon Cleaver-Bartholomew (1998)
    An Analysis of the Old Greek Version of Habakkuk
  • Mignon Rosemary Jacobs (1998)
    Conceptual Coherence of the Book of Micah
  • Wonil Kim (1996)
    Toward a Substance- Critical Task of Old Testament Theology
  • Marilyn Lundberg (1995)
    So That Hidden Things May be Brought to Light: A Concept Analysis of the Yahweh Speeches in the Book of Job
  • James E. Brenneman (1994)
    Canon(s) in Conflict : Negotiating Texts in True and False Prophesy, Isaiah 2:2-4/Micah 4:1-4 vs. Joel 4:9-12 (Eng. 3:9-12)
  • John H. Hull, Jr. (1994)
    Hezekiah - Saint and Sinner: A Conceptual and Contextual Narrative Analysis of 2 Kings 18-20
  • Peter Acker Pettit (1993)
    "As it is Said": The Place of Scripture Citation in the Mishna
  • Timothy L. Fearer (1993)
    Wars in the Wilderness: Textual Cohesion and Conceptual Coherence in Pentateuchal Battle Traditions
  • William S. Yarchin (1993)
    The Warrior and the Shepherd: A Compositional Analysis of 2 Samuel 21-24

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