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Courses Offered

REL 310 Women and Religion in Europe, 1500-1800 Ferrell
REL 314 Christianity: The First Millennium Torjesen
REL 332 Egypt: Five Millenia of Religious Heritage Gabra
REL 395 Coptic Hagiography Gabra
REL 414 Bishops & Orthodoxy Torjesen
REL 428 Religion and Society in Early Modern Britain Ferrell
REL 440 Reformation, Counter-Reformation and Material Culture Ferrell
REL 442 Recent Historiography Ferrell
REL 457 Orthodoxy and Heresy Torjesen
REL 460 Calvinism’s “Contact History”: early modern theology, art, political thought, & literature
REL 465 Matristics Torjesen
REL 486 Reformation Text Tutorial Ferrell
REL 487 Religion and Society in Early Modern Britain Ferrell
REL 487 Gender, Sexuality and Spirituality: Asceticism in Early Christianity Torjesen
REL 485 Religion, Political Thought, & Literature in Post-Reformation Britain Ferrell
REL 4XX Reformation Europe:  primary readings in historical context Ferrell

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