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Recent PhD Graduates

  • Stephanie Marie Seery-Murphy (2008)
    Hazarding the Queen: Henrietta Maria, Religious Controversy and the Construction of a Rhetorical Figure
  • Salim Faraji (2007)
    The Roots of Nubian Christianity: A Transitional Culture in Late Antique Africa: The Silko Inscription and the Temple of Kalabsha as Context
  • Shandra Elaine McGlasson (2007)
    "For the Simple and Unlearned": Meaning and Application in Elizabethan Religious Dialogues
  • Jacquelyn Elaine Winston (2007)
    "Body Language:" Physiognomic Characterizations in Fourth-Century Heresy Countries
  • Stephanie Lynn Sleeper (2006)
    Languages of Moderation: Religion, Education, and Print in England, 1649-1714
  • Lynn Leslie Euzenas (2006)
    Illicit Propriety: Protestants, Sexualized Convent Narratives, and Pornography in Nineteenth-Century America
  • James Dirk Rietveld (2006)
    Universal Goddess on the Via Sacra: The Evolving Image of Artemis Ephesia
  • Kathleen Mary Oxx (2006)
    'Considerate Portion[s]:' Problematizing the Religious Ecology of Early national Philadelphia, 1827-1845
  • Brent H. Robinson (2006)
    Psychic Distress, Sacred Transformations, and Emphatic Treatment Alternatives: An Ethical Evaluation
  • Laura Ammon (2006)
    Work Useful to Religion and the Humanities: A History of the Development of the Comparative Method in Religion from Bartolomé Las Casas to Edward Burnett
  • Jeffrey Thomas Williams (2005)
    Fighting Christians: Violence and Religion in Early American Methodism
  • Gyeung Su Park (2004)
    John Calvin as an Advocate of Church Unity: A New Portrait of John Calvin
  • Samuel Hong (2004)
    Origen's Rhetoric as a Means to the Formtaion of the Christian Self
  • Jennifer Clark Lane (2003)
    "Compassio": Participation in the Passion and Late Medieval Jerusalem Pilgrimage
  • Il-Koo Cho (2002)
    Healing in the Context of Korean Pentecostalism, 1950s to the Present: Historical and Ethnographic Approaches
  • Un Hey Kim (2001)
    Subjectivity and Difference: Toward a Korean Christian Feminism
  • Donna Kay Wallace (2000)
    Androgyny as Salvation in Early Christianity
  • David Reis (1999)
    The Journey of the Soul: Its Expressions in Early Christianity

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