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Recent PhD Graduates

  • Keith Hulme Lane (2009)
    Striving Before God: Kierkegaard and the Concept of Religious Authorship
  • Zachary Russell Simpson (2009)
    Life as Art from Nietzsche to Foucault: Life, Aesthetics, and the Task of Thinking
  • Mark E. Banas (2008)
    The Primacy of Relativity in Interreligious Hemeneutics: Dialectics and Dialogical Dialogue in Gadamer and Panikkar
  • Michelle Johnson (2008)
    "Pure and Undefiled Religion" David Walker's Use of the Bible Against the Christian Slaveocracy in America
  • Mustafa Ruzgar (2008)
    Islamic Religious Pluralism from a Process Perspective
  • Gianluigi Gugliermetto (2008)
    The Redemption of Desire A Study on the Understanding and the Use of Desire in Christian Life
  • Jeremy Richard Hustwit (2007)
    Fidelity Through Fallibilism: Hermeneutics, Rationality, and Truth in Inter-Religious Discourse
  • Hiheon Kim (2007)
    Minjung Messiah and Process Panentheism
  • Hsin-Yi Lee (2007)
    The Moral Philosophies of H. Richard Niebuhr and Wang Yang-ming
  • Jeanyne B. Slettom (2007)
    Theoanthroposis: A Process Soteriology
  • Zhihe Wang (2007)
    Harmony but not Sameness:Toward a Constructive Postmodern Pluralism
  • Douglas Eugene Yoder (2007)
    Tanakh Epistemology, A Philosophical Reading of an Ancient Semitic Text
  • John Yong Lee (2006)
    Religious Doubt and Theological Virtues: A Thomistic Regulative Epistemology
  • Richard L. Curtis (2006)
    Homo religiosus Spinning a Web of Narrative Self: Insights from the Study of Religion for an Understanding of the Self as Historical Development
  • Philip Daniel Nist (2006)
    Physician Assisted Suicide, Moral Perspective, and the Limits of Moral Theories
  • Jason Daniel McMartin (2006)
    Deviant Distractions: An Essay on the Epistemic Effects of Sin
  • Daniel Joseph Ott (2006)
    The Church in Process: A Process Ecclesiology
  • Brent H. Robinson (2006)
    Psychic Distress, Sacred Transformations, and Empathic Treatment Alternatives: An Ethical Evaluation
  • Sungwon Kim (2005)
    Social Trinitarian Pneumatology in Process: A Philosophical Pneumatology Based on the Pneumatoloty of Jürgen Moltmann and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead
  • David S. Nah (2005)
    A Critical Evaluation of John Hick's Theology of Religious Pluralism
  • Jinsun Park (2005)
    Prehending God: A Whiteheadian Exploration of Religious Experience
  • Monica Coleman (2004)
    Walking in the Whirlwind:  A Whiteheadian-Womanist Soteriology
  • Sung Chil Choi (2004)
    Indifference in Communities:  Toward the New Paradigm of Sin
  • Jerry Law (2004)
    A Supernatural Use:  Religion and Emancipation in the Thought of Simone Weil
  • Mary Streufert (2004)
    Re-conceiving Lutheran Christology
  • Richard Alexis Amesbury (2003)
    Agreeing to Disagree: Moral Argumentation, Social Criticism, Philosophical Contemplation
  • Rouslan Olegovich Elistratov (2003)
    Searching for an Adequate Theodicy: A Critical Examination of the Debate between Process Theists and Traditional Free-Will Theists
  • Christine Mbeya Mabonzo (2003)
    A Liberation Theology of Being Muntu from an African Women’s Perspective: A Comparative Study of Thomas Aquinas’ Theology of Being and African Worldviews
  • Nathan Jon Stockmaster (2003)
    A Trinitarian Theology of Mission
  • Seung Tae Choi (2002)
    A Eucharistic Theology of the Church as the Communion of the Whole Creation
  • Scott Henry Jansen (2002)
    First Philosophical Principles in the Problem of Evil
  • Youngbog Kim (2002)
    Christ and the Christian Church: A Study of Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Ecclesiology in Relation to Christology
  • Sheela Lynne Pawar (2002)
    Trusting Others, Trusting God: Concepts of Belief, Faith and Rationality
  • Randy Ramal (2002)
    What ‘Can Be Said’ About God? Wittgenstein and Whitehead
  • John Walter Woell (2002)
    On the Trail of the Human Serpent: Philosophy, Religion and Pragmatism
  • George Michael Zbaraschuk (2002)
    The Purposes of God: Providence as Process-Historical Liberation
  • Jong Ho Chin (2001)
    The Trinity and Praxis: God’s Power and Suffering
  • Derek Charles Malone-France (2001)
    Deep Empiricism: Kant, Whitehead and the Necessity of Philosophical Theism
  • Olav Bryant Smith (2001)
    Myths of the Self: Narrative Identity and Postmodern Metaphysics
  • Todd Andrew Gooch (2000)
    Rudolf Otto, Holiness and the Disenchantment of the World
  • Hyun-Jong Kim (2000)
    Whose Religion is it Anyway?  “Problems” of Religious Pluralism
  • Karackattil George Pothen (2000)
    Relational Cosmologies of Gregory of Nyssa and Alfred North Whitehead
  • Gregory Lynn Reece (2000)
    Irony and Religious Belief: An Examination and Comparison of the Ironic Philosophies of Soren Kierkegaard and Richard Rorty
  • William George Ryzek (2000)
    Sexuality and Existence: An Inquiry into the Ontological Structures of the Erotic
  • Marit Anne Trelstad (2000)
    Defining the Self in a Relational Philosophical Theology
  • Wen Yu Xie (2000)
    The Concept of Freedom: A Platonic-Augustinian-Lutheran-Kierkegaardian Tradition
  • Patrick Rogers Horn (1999)
    The Unity of Language and Religious Belief: Gadamer and Wittgenstein
  • Thomas Oord (1999)
    Matching Theology and Piety: An Evangelical Process Theology
  • Jonathan Howe (1999)
    Nietzsche, Whitehead and the Problem with Nihilism
  • David Clotfelter (1999)
    Before All Worlds: The Doctrine of Eternal Trinitarian Processions
  • Arthur Smith (1999)
    The Power of Thought to Heal: An Ontology of Personal Faith
  • Brian Birch (1999)
    The Limits of Pluralism and the Primacy of Practice: An Epistemological Inquiry into Religious Diversity
  • Kyeon-Seog Kwon (1998)
    The Dialectic of Inclusion: A Research on Paul Tillich's Theology and Interreligious Encounter
  • Ivory Lee Lyons, Jr. (1998)
    The Idea of Sin in the Work of Reinhold Niebuhr and Howard Thurman: A Confluence Toward Justice
  • Gracia Fay Ellwood (1998)
    Holy Darkness, Holy Light: Toward an Interpretation of Painful Near-Death Experiences
  • Lance Ashdown (1997)
    Anonymous Skeptics: Swinburne, Hick and Alston
  • Heather Ackley Bean (1997)
    An Appalachian Woman's Theology
  • Michael Miller (1996)
    Religion and the Caribbean
  • Sungrnin Park (1995)
    Christ and Christian Conduct: A Study of Friedrich Schleiermacher 's Christology and Theological Ethics
  • Richard Rose (1995)
    Howard Thurman's Life and Thought: Implications for Religious Pluralism and Interfaith Dialogue
  • John Murphy (1995)
    Mysticism and Epistemology: A Study and Comparison of Modern Philosophical Analyses of Mysticism and the Thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Joseph O.Y. Mante (1994)
    Towards an Ecological, Christian Theology of Creation in an African Context
  • Nancy R. Howell (1991)
    A Feminist Theory of Relations Based Upon the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead
  • Thandeka (1988)
    The Structure of Unity: The Transcendental Presupposition of Schleiermacher's Dialektik
  • Rita Nakashima Brock (1988)
    A Christology of Erotic Power: Journeys by Heart

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