Recent TEC PhD Graduates

Hsin-Yi Lee (2007)
The Moral Philosophies of H. Richard Niebuhr and Wang Yang-ming


Velma Elaine Love (2006)

Odu Outcomes: Yoruba Scriptures in African American Constructions of Self and World


Olive Joan Hemmings (2005)

Sacred Texts and Social Conflict:  The Use of Bible in the Debate over Women's Ordination in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Patrick Michael Kelly (2005)

The Soul of Sport


Susan L. Kendall (2005)

The Edgeline of the Mainline: Nascent Prophets or Wayward Sheep


Zandra L. Wagoner (2005)

Unlikely Partners: Feminist Theology and Feminist Theory


Hong Cheol Joo (2003)

Toward a Global Theology: A Constructive Postmodern Approach


Kristy S. Coleman (2003)

Resurrecting the Repressed Feminine: An Ethnographic Study and Analysis of a Contemporary Goddess Spirituality Practice Employing the Feminist Philosophical Lens of Luce Irigaray


Carol Baker Tharp (2003)

Who and Why: Los Angeles’ Neighborhood Council and the Prevalence of Socio-Economic Status, Self-Interest and Public Interest in Civic Participation


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