History of Religions Colloquium

NB:  REL 314, Comparing Religions: Theory and Practice, serves as the History of Religions Colloquium for 2005


Fall 2004






The general purpose the colloquium is to facilitate conversation, debate, thinking across sub-fields re: issues, problematics relevant to the student of religion and culture, especially those students who engage in historical work. All students of religion are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Fall 2004 Theme and Protocol


This fall term we shall meet in session once per month. Each session will be centered around a panel made up of three persons. Each panel will be charged to facilitate wider discussion among colloquium participants. Each panelist should present from his or her own sub-field an example or examples of the larger problem/issues/theme selected to govern our discussion ("Representations of the Other") as well as each evening's sub-theme wedge issue.




All sessions will be held on the CGU campus in Burkle Hall 14, Dartmouth Street (between 11th and 10th Streets).  Each session will begin at 7:00 and end at 9:00pm.



Schedule and List of Major Participants


Sept 14 - Identification of and Establishment of Politics Behind Selected Representations


Tammi Schneider, CGU: Hebrew Bible; archaeology

Brent Smith, CGU: Early Christianity; asceticism

Zayn Kassam, Pomona: Islamic ethics; gender issues


Oct 12 - Strategies, Styles, Types, Forms of Selected Representations


Musa Dube, Scripps: Early Christianity; African traditions, esp. women's interpretations;

Tim Finlay, CGU: Hebrew Bible

Vivian-Lee Nyitray, UC Riverside: Chinese Religions, esp. Confucian-Taoist interactions; women and religion


Nov 9 - Immediate-Historical and Ongoing-Historical Ramifications/Consequences of Selected Representations


Deepak Shimkhada, Claremont McKenna: Religions of India, esp. Hinduism

Roberto Lint-Sagarena, University of Southern California: Religions of U.S. and Mexico

Salim Faraji, CGU: Early Chrisitanity; African diaspora traditions


Dec 7 - Implications of Representations (for different fields; for historical and comparative study of religion and culture)


Zhiru Ng, Pomona: Buddhism

Jeffrey Siker, Loyola Marymount University: New Testament and Early Christianity

Lori Anne Ferrell, CGU: European Reformation


Please feel free to contact Vincent Wimbush (909.621.8504; vincent.wimbush@cgu.edu)

if you have any questions.



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