An integral component of the Financial Engineering degree is an internship program that allows candidates to examine specific applications of derivative instruments in a business environment.

Students who qualify for internships can structure them on a full- or part-time basis.

Full-time internships will be at least 400 hours in duration, and typically will be 40 hours per week for at least 10 weeks during the summer following admission to the program.

Part-time internships will be at least 400 hours duration and, typically, will be 16 hours per week for at least 25 weeks.


Candidates applying for internships must:

Submit, to the Director of Financial Engineering Internships, a description of the internship and the type of project or projects that will be completed during the internship. The description must be approved by the Director.

With the Director, agree on readings that will be required in conjunction with the internship.

With the advice of the Director, define the topic and scope of a paper which examines the financial engineering issues addressed during the internship and in the assigned readings.

After completing a full- or part-time internship, the candidate may be granted credit for one course, after submitting the paper and other assignments, including the internship supervisor's evaluation, to the Director of Financial Engineering Internships.

For full-time interns, the paper must be submitted no later than two weeks after the start of the fall semester following the internship. For part-time interns, the paper must be submitted no later than five weeks after completion of at least 400 hours of the internship.

If the student has sufficient academic background to waive a required course, the internship may apply toward that course. Otherwise, the internship will apply as a management elective.

Accelerated BA/MSFE students may be eligible to participate in a part-time internship during their fifth year, or a full-time internship during the summer following completion of other required courses.

The Drucker Financial Engineering program is developing a growing list of corporate relationships. Partners include:

AXA Financial,
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GE Capital,
Law and Economics Consulting Group,
SunAmerica Corporation,
Wilshire Associates
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