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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

In February of 2003, the Islamic Studies Council presented Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet by filmmaker Michael Wolfe. The film, which originally aired on PBS in December of last year, sought to introduce Muhammad—the man—to the American public, the vast majority of whom remain unfamiliar with the seventh century figure. “What we were trying to tell was not an academic version of the story,” Wolfe said in an article about the CGU screening in the Los Angeles Times, “We were trying to tell the story as Muslims have passed it down in their own books for fourteen centuries.” Although the film was made prior to the events of September 11th , Wolfe believes its importance is even greater today: “Post-9-11 it became ten times more timely because Islam and the story of Muhammad were hijacked just as much as those airplanes where hijacked by a tiny group of sociopathic, politically oriented power monge rs who had only one thing in mind: to advance their own program.”

On Common Grounds

“We came to show the world that we can build and not destroy.” This was the message of On Common Grounds, a documentary by Ahmad Zahra. The film was shown in Claremont in the fall of 2003 sponsored by the Islamic Studies Council and the School of Religion. The documentary followed three Jewish, Christian and Muslim congregations from Southern California as they attempted to overcome their differences by collaborating on a building project in Cumbres, a small village in Northern Mexico, and by focusing on the common aspect of their faiths. They saw this as a way to set an example of peace to the rest of the world. “Can our groups overcome their differences and achieve their mission of building this home, a house where all of us can live, this country, this world…? ” one of the participants asked.

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