IRB Forms

All of the downloadable forms below are in Word Format.   If you are unable to access, print, or use the fillable templates, please contact the IRB for alternative formats.  Please proofread and edit all documents carefully before submitting them.  Spelling, typographical, grammatical, and ESL errors are unprofessional and can be distracting to reviewers and other readers.  Please submit one signed original and one copy of your application, including all attachments, single-sided with no staples.  For questions about these forms, IRB procedures, or related issues, you are welcome and encouraged to contact the IRB before submitting your application. 

IRB Application, Amendment, and Update and Closure Forms

Each Form is a fillable template and includes instructions. 

 IRB Consent and Assent Forms--Instructions and Samples

Every research project has one or more unique features and requires a suitably customized informed consent form.  The documents below are meant to assist applicants in developing an appropriate consent form.  The Form with Embedded Instructions covers most of the typical variations in project characteristics.  The sample forms are for two different types of fictional studies and are meant to illustrate how the forms would appear for such studies.  We recommend that adult informed consent forms for general populations be written at an 8th grade level to the extent possible, so that all prospective participants can understand the elements of the research well enough to give truly informed consent to participate.  For specially selected research populations who may be  educationally disadvantaged or cognitively impaired--or uniformly well educated--different assumptions about the right level of complexity may be appropriate.  Assent forms for minors (under 18 years of age) should be written in language that is developmentally appropriate to the age of the children.  High school students should be able to understand the adult version.

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