Ph.D. in Management



The Ph.D. in Management program is designed to allow advanced students to participate in an ongoing program of knowledge creation at the Drucker School. The program is intensive, with high expectations for publication and scholarly contribution. The objective is “to create and disseminate knowledge relevant to critical issues affecting management practice worldwide.”


Except in rare cases, applications are not accepted for the Ph.D. in Management program until after a student has completed appropriate graduate coursework at CGU. Those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Management degree at the Drucker School who do not hold an MBA should first apply to the MBA program or one of the school’s Executive Management programs and successfully complete at least one year of coursework. Individuals who already hold an MBA or Executive Management degree from another institution are strongly encouraged to earn an Executive Management Certificate at the Drucker School.


Admission is highly competitive. Only a few students are accepted each year. To be admitted, an applicant must secure a sponsor from our core faculty and present a detailed Plan of Study developed with the sponsoring faculty member. Applicants must have extensive familiarity with research in progress at the Drucker School. Those who have not completed Claremont Graduate University's master's or executive management program are therefore less likely to be admitted.


Recent (within five years of application) GMAT scores of 600 or higher and consistently high grade point averages in prior academic work are minimum requirements.


The Ph.D. in Management program requires completion of 72 semester units of coursework, including 24 semester units of management courses, a minimum of 12 units of research methodology at the doctoral level, and a maximum of 12 units of independent study with the sponsoring faculty member. After completing at least 32 units, but not more than 48 units, a major paper of publishable quality, equivalent to a Master’s thesis and demonstrating breadth in the chosen research area, is required.


Oral Qualifying Examination
The sponsor and two additional faculty members administer an open oral examination. Upon successful completion of these requirements and all remaining coursework, a second paper, which serves as the dissertation proposal, is required. The student’s doctoral committee, consisting of the faculty sponsor and two other eligible members of the faculty, administer a second, open oral examination. Successful students are then “advanced to candidacy.” To complete the Ph.D. program, the student must submit and successfully defend the dissertation within seven years from the date of admission to the program.

For additional information regarding University Ph.D. requirements see the Admissions website.

Recommended reading for prospective Ph.D. students is Rhythms of Academic Life, Peter Frost and M. Susan Taylor, Sage Publications, 1996, available through




For more information regarding the Ph.D. in Management, please contact:

Professor Jay Prag
Ph.D. Coordinator

2015 Claremont Graduate University 1021 North Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 607-7811